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In the 21st century, it is normal for hosting providers to network and form a large web of companies offering similar or complementing products and services. Web Hosting Hub is a perfect example of such a firm and we are going to review it on this post.

For starters, Web Hosting Hub was started in 2010 in the city of Virginia by the founders of InMotion Hosting. Its offices reside in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles in southern California. They own two United States based data centers that are on the East and West Coast.

The Web Hosting Hub team composes of over 200 US based members servicing around 40,000 customers. Their aim is to provide quality web hosting services that ensures customers get their websites online securely, conveniently, and affordably. For this, they offer shared hosting plans that are reliable and scalable to suit diverse range of subscribers. Generally, their web servers house everything from ecommerce storefronts, blogs, to custom websites. Their mission is to give businesses and individuals a versatile platform to reach out to the world.

If there’s anything to admire about Web Hosting Hub, it’s their observance to green web hosting policy. Even with their two data centers emitting a lot of carbon, they have measures in place to prevent the emissions from negatively impacting the environment. Again, they have won over 25 awards which is quite impressive considering they’ve limited users to shared hosting package and are still among companies in the budding growth phase.

Let’s now go through the specifics of Web Hosting Hub. We’ll begin by analyzing their hosting packages and plans, then on to key features, pros and cons, and their answers to the frequently asked questions.

WebHosting Hub Plans

Unlike other providers, Web Hosting Hub only specializes in a single type of hosting which is Shared Hosting. Nonetheless, they support a whole range of web applications from ecommerce tools, content management systems to site builders. They also offer domain name registration as well as web design services for anyone getting started on this niche. Below are some of its products and solutions:

-          Shared web hosting

-          Applications hosting

-          Web design services

-          BoldGrid website builder

-          Website Transfer services

Shared Web Hosting

If you’ve been in the internet industry for a while, then it possible you’ve used or owned websites running on this type of hosting. Typically, the setup is such that users share resources of a powerful physical server in terms of space, processing power, and memory. Now, Web Hosting Hub’s shared platform is based on Linux operating system and as such allows installation of tools which are compatible with this environment. The company then allocates resources based on the pricing plan which you as a client has chosen. You can pick either of the three pricing plans namely Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.

The main benefit we found when evaluating this package is its capacity to go online when you’re on the startup phase of web mastering. Moreover, it is impressive that the company is generous on resource apportionment. Irrespective of the plan you pick, you’ll receive unlimited disk space, transfer of sites from other providers, and email accounts for your single or multiple sites. Unfortunately, billing is on annual basis which can be inflexible for anyone looking for a shorter term of hosting. To make it up for it, they offer a long money-back guarantee of 90 days with full compensation upon making a cancellation request. 

Again, when it comes to technicalities, their shared hosting is by far the most preferable service. Actually, it does not really need much maintenance on the user end and this seems to favor most of its client base. Most importantly, the package is upgradable at any time without need to change accounts. Generally, this sets off your starting base at an amazing and gradual pace.

When it comes to matters pricing, Web Hosting Hub provides the following plans for shared web hosting:

-          Spark plan with a $4.99/mo pricing,

-          Nitro plan with a $6.99/mo pricing and

-          Dynamo plan with an $8.99/mo pricing.

While the Spark plan is clearly the cheapest of the three, it comes with limitations on the number of websites and databases you can run. Unlike in the other plans where both are unlimited, here you’ll be limited to a single site and five Linux-based databases. The parked domains and subdomains which you can register with Spark stand at 5 and 25 respectively. Nevertheless, these are unlimited in the Nitro and Dynamo plans. Astoundingly, the choice for a data center is not available and neither is there a discount for web design when using the Spark Plan.

For all plans, performance and speed are notable decent and figures double as you go up the pricing chains. The company is kind of unclear on what exactly separates the Nitro plan from Dynamo. But from our experience, it is the speed and value of the perks dished out that set the two apart. For instance, the discounts are at 20% for Nitro and 30% for Dynamo.

As we conclude, shared web hosting is among the most sought-after hosting available mostly because of its relative cheapness and simplicity. But Web Hosting Hub took it a notch higher by replicating an environment that could be mistaken for a dedicated platform at first use. Honestly, we could not imagine how anyone would hesitate to subscribe to the any of its plans considering their fair deals and prices.  Albeit we shall cover this later, generally its speeds are surprisingly impressive and offer you exactly the type of hosting your site needs. 

Applications hosting

-          WordPress

First off, WordPress hosting feels just as good as an aged wine when it’s from Web Hosting Hub. With them, you automatically get in your account a preinstalled WordPress. As if that’s not enough; you also get various easily customizable themes that are free to download. Furthermore, you can give your blog site a final touch of elegance with already-customized widgets and plugins which have been made available for any user irrespective of plan they picked.

What's more is that you can easily transfer your WordPress data and posts without having to start over from zero. In short, you rarely lose any data in the migration process. What you simply have to do is ensure that your database is backed up as well other elements of the site. Restoring thereafter happens without any hitches or troubles. With the Spark hosting plan, you could get started and get your site up and running in no time. Nitro and Dynamo are also other plans you can use to upgrade your host performance once your site outgrows the resources at Spark plan.

-          Joomla

Joomla, just like WordPress, is a popular Content Management System. Free and available to anyone, what it basically does is help users in building multi-user web applications and ecommerce sites. Most providers allow for a single click installation on a bareback interface so that users can install third party apps that they wish to later on.

Personalizing your Joomla comes easy with Web Hosting Hub. It has the providence of several themes to beautify your blog or website and make it stand out. Furthermore, extensions and other resources are readily available for the easy customization of your website. The pricing plans are similar to those of the shared web hosting package and go at same rates as well.

-          Drupal

Drupal is a Content Management System that is readily available for anyone mastering the creation of computing web applications and sites. Just like other CMS, it uses a single one click installer to put it to interface. Its minimalistic design helps in quickly building quality and powerful websites without needing much technical knowhow.

Web Hosting Hub allows its customers to download the Drupal Distribution as well as its complementing tools. The distro simply comprises of themes, modules, libraries and other software which can be very helpful in the quick creation of websites for business profiles. The pricing plans for Drupal are Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo with similar rates to shared web hosting.

-          PrestaShop

Enjoy this pre-installed e-commerce solution with which you can start your online shop. With themes optimized for display screens of mobile phones, tablets, and computers, PrestaShop allows you to create a single or several storefronts in simple steps.

Web Hosting Hub gives your store an attractive look from the galore of templates which are available for use and specially designed for PrestaShop. The company ensures you always have more time to focus on other crucial facets unrelated to web management. For this, they allow you to choose templates, themes, and elements that relevantly relate to your business setup. They offer three pricing plans namely Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo which again have similar rates to the other CMS.

-          Magento

Another e-commerce software that is available for use by all account holders at Web Hosting Hub is Magento. This app offers e-commerce solutions, enabling you to setup online shops correctly, securely, and with interfaces appealing to end users. This is not pre-installed by default in any account, but with the one click installer offered for free by the company, you can get it started and running within no time.

With specifically designed Magento themes, you can customize the look of your store to match what you are selling. The themes are in abundance, and choosing or changing any is merely a walk in the park. The pricing plans are Nitro and Dynamo with users using shared hosting infrastructure to store Magento sites.

-          OpenCart

This is an e-commerce solution that creates online stores in the fastest and easiest way possible. Open source, SEO friendly and with a user-friendly interface, OpenCart takes your shopping experience to a whole new level. It allows for the easy management of payment of orders as well as providing a framework to sell unlimited products by suppliers. What is more interesting is that customizing OpenCart is so easy since there are hundreds of available templates to choose from. Furthermore, these templates are specially designed for it and are inbuilt, and this makes the process of selection way easier than it would have been.

Web Hosting Hub offers an ideal platform for this application software by providing plans which are affordable to its subscribers. You can pick Dynamo, Nitro, or Spark plan depending on the level of operation of your site. 

Web design services

Most web masters are in need for hosting providers with the services that will suit their work profiles and get them where they aim to be in a given period of time. Web Hosting Hub allows you to not only customize your site to the look that you desire but to also start up your business in the optimal form that gets it running without hiccups.

So what’s unique about these services?

-          You get to host the site for 1 year using any preferred plan

-          Your first-year upgrades are totally charge-free

-          Your website designs are as per your ideas i.e. custom made

-          There is a designated team of designers dedicated to serving you

-          Ownership rights remain with the subscriber

-          The design standards are mobile friendly

-          You get social media integration

Web Hosting Hub likes to pride themselves in the quality of work they provide and the superb results that follow. Additionally, they have by far a wide target of audience who need web design services. They, therefore, are able to serve you no matter the niche you site falls in. Most importantly, anytime you reach out for upgrades or other issues, they respond quickly.

BoldGrid website builder

Web designing doesn’t get better without a way to make the finished product catchy and impressive to web visitors. To enhance the experience when creating a website, we have BoldGrid. Defined as a set of plugins and themes, BoldGrid makes the designing of a website easier and faster. It has a variety of tools with various functionalities to improve the process of designing. Also, it allows for quick customization of almost any element within the website.

Why use BoldGrid from Web Hosting Hub:

-          It is built into WordPress

-          The designs are mobile friendly

-          A drag and drop WordPress editor

-          Ownership rights remain with you

-          Access to demo content upon installing

-          Reliable hosting for each new website

-          90-day money back guarantee

Website Transfer services

You may, once in a while, want to transfer your web content to a new site. Often, the process is lengthy and can even lead to loss of data when errors occur. However, Web Hosting Hub simplifies this by enabling you to transfer all your content and customizations to the new site without having to struggle too much or worry about losing anything.

The process is simple and reliable and is as follows:

-          Purchase your preferred hosting plan and domain

Purchase a Web Hosting Hub plan of your choice and use a domain name that matches what your business or content is about. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to waste too much time querying, use your previous domain name if it’s still unpurchased.

-          Submit a transfer form.

A website transfer form is an important requirement at this stage since it defines the exact data that you want migrated. It is accessible at the account management panel in the website migration menu. The company’s transfer team will ensure that they have the information needed before they make the transfer of the content to the new provider.

-          A confirmation will be given by the company’s transfer team

The new site will automatically be tested by the transfer team and after ensuring that there are no issues, you will be guided on how to update your DNS. After that is done, your website transfer is rendered successful and process ready for feedback.

In a nutshell, Web Hosting Hub provides the quite easy-to-use web transfer services. They are aided and guided by a transfer team to avoid making irreversible mistakes. All that they require is information about your old website and this is done by filling in the transfer form.

Why you should let Web Hosting Hub handle your website transfers

-          New customers get the transfer for free

-          No downtime to your sites

-          The process is easy and stress free

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