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MochaHost is a popular hosting provider whose offices are located in the Heart of California’s Silicon Valley. The company offers professional web services at affordable prices which has been the brand’s mission since it was launched. The firm is a big shot in the web hosting industry, offering numerous hosting packages for different users based on resource usage and preferences.

Since its inception in 2002, MochaHost has been offering both Linux and Windows plans with the aim of satisfying clients regardless of their budget. What makes the company stand out from most web hosts is their 100% uptime guarantee, lifetime discount program, and a 180-day risk-free guarantee among other services.

This MochaHost review covers everything about the company including its plans and pricing, features, strengths and weaknesses, and FAQs.

MochaHost Hosting Plans

What makes MochaHost a great web hosting company are its affordable Linux and window-based hosting services. The company offers all types of hosting plans that a webmaster may desire. Usually, you’ll get generous 50-60% discounts on different hosting packs, and this is for the lifetime with no hidden rates during renewal. Some of MochaHost’s plans include Shared, Virtual Private Server, Cloud-based Dedicated, WordPress, and Reseller hosting. What makes them unique is the additional Java and Tomcat hosting which you will learn about later in this post.

Below is a comprehensive description of each plan for the above services including the prices for the respective plans. We hope this simple breakdown helps to make it easier for you to decide which among the plans best suits your business.

ASP.NET Hosting

MochaHost offers three plans for ASP.NET hosting which are Soho, Business and Mocha. The three packages are equipped with the latest ASP.NET support as well as Window Server 2012.  However, what separates them are the extra features included. For instance, the Soho plan is an inexpensive option that gives you a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and supports a single website. On the other hand, the other two plans come with additional features such as Private SSL certificate, SEO tools, caching, and support for as many websites.

Soho is meant for small blogs or businesses. The affordable plan is exactly what you need when starting your business as it goes for only $3.71 per month. MochaHost also offers many discounts upon renewal and you might end up as low as $2.48/mo for this plan during renewal. Soho offers unlimited space and unlimited monthly traffic for one domain hosting. The entry-level package also features 10 MSSQL/MySQL databases, multiple PHP versions, 200 MB database size, free shared SSL (128 bit), and $100 Google Adwords for your paid marketing exploits.

You can also upgrade to the best seller for MochaHost’s ASP.NET hosting which is the Business plan. This package offers more site memory allocation than its Soho counterpart, MS SQL version 2012, and free SSL (256 bit). Other features you get with this package include IIS 8.0 Windows Server 2016 and a free domain for Life. MochaHost also offers unlimited traffic, 500 MB site memory allocation and unlimited disk space with added Cache boost. The plan renews at $3.98 per month and is ideal for business or high traffic websites with significant demand for hosting resources.

The largest plan for ASP.NET hosting is known as Mocha. This package is suitable for the more established businesses looking for affordable hosting services. Businesses with higher traffic requirements can purchase this plan for $6.21 (discounted price) which delivers unlimited storage, Information Server (IIS) 10 and 8.0, unlimited database size and traffic as well as a free domain as long as you remain a customer. Users also get 800 MB site memory allocation, Turbo server power, Search Engine Submission, trust seals and PCI scanning.

Additionally, for webmasters who wish to transfer to MochaHost, you get free migration assistance from your existing web host.

MochaHost offers automatic backups for shared hosting as well as 24/7 support in case you have a comment, concern or questions. All websites hosted under MochaHost are guaranteed of strict monitoring against malware and spam.

WordPress Hosting

MochaHost helps you get a professional WordPress Site online in minutes. With the highly intuitive control panel, designing your website is made ridiculously easy using a simple drag and drop interface. Bloggers looking for WordPress optimized hosting can enjoy amazing features for WordPress hosting plans offered by this web host.

Their plans come with a myriad of features like access to SSD storage, numerous themes and plugins and a 100% guarantee. Besides, you get a free private SSL, one-click installation and WordPress Multisite Management dashboard with every subscription. The dashboard helps you manage several blogs at once.

MochaHost offers one of the most inexpensive WordPress hosting you can find anywhere online. Additionally, the company throws in Google Adwords credits worth $100 to assist you when marketing your site.

This company has three plans for its WordPress users – WP Starter, WP Premium, and WP Advanced.

The WP Starter Plan costs $2.48 per month and is suited to small websites. Users get unlimited WP sites, 220GB SSD disk space, 1 GB RAM, 10K monthly visits and free assistance for site migration services.
WP Premium is the middle plan in the WP hosting which goes for $3.98 per month. This is ideal for commercial sites with higher traffic. What set’s this plan above the basic one is the super powered server and additional 2GB RAM as well as a free domain.  Besides, the Premium plan offers more than a million visits per month and you get unlimited space.

The largest plan for MochaHost WP hosting is WP Advanced Plan. This package is offered for sites with high traffic and starts at $6.48 per month. Users receive 4GB of guaranteed RAM as well as a Turbo Powered Server. Other features include unlimited space, free SSL, and free domain.

Reseller Hosting

Nowadays, becoming a web hosting service provider is so easy with numerous strong web hosting providers now offering reseller hosting solutions. People who want to offer web hosting services but lack funds to bring together the intensive infrastructure required in running a full-fledged company can buy the reseller hosting packages offered by MochaHost and resel the resources for their own customers.

Our MochaHost Reseller hosting review looks into the price of each reseller plan and the resources offered. For starters, you have nine different reseller hosting packages for shared, VPS, and dedicated (cloud) environment. Keep in mind that the web host offers separate plans for Windows and Linux users.

Linux-Based Reseller Plans

Shared Hosting for Reseller Hosting

The lowest priced reseller plan for shared reseller hosting is Mocha2 with 25 GB disk space and renews at a monthly price of $9.87. With it, you get a site builder, one free domain, free SEO tools, unlimited traffic, unlimited domains, Search Engine Submission, and Enorm Reseller account. MochaHost puts a Lightning Fast Guarantee on all its plans to ensure fast loading speeds.

You can add more money and subscribe for the Expresso plan which offers you an added disk space of 35 GB. The package also comes with a few extra features like free static IP address, the osTicket client billing and support ticket software. You also get SVN support, Remote MYSQL access and Private SSL support.

At $21.20 per month, you get the Latte Plan with all the features of the Expresso package but with added disk space of up to 55GB.

VPS Hosting for Reseller Hosting

VPS server plans give you Linux OS systems as well as SSH and root access. They start with Americano2, a plan that costs $49.97 for 800 MB RAM, 70 GB disk space, 2GB burstable RAM and 2 free IP addresses. This package also includes free SEO tools, remote MYSQL access, and MochaHost’s Supper SSD Cache to improve loading speeds. Not only this, you get static IP, one free domain for life, SVN support, Private SSL support, 180 website apps, and a site builder

The next plan is Cappucino which retains the features of the previous plan and improves on 1.3 GB RAM, 4 IP addresses, and 100GB disk space.

Macchiato2 is the largest of all VPS reseller hosting packages costing $74.95/mo. The plan offers 1.5GB RAM, four free IP addresses with a max of 28 IPs, and 150GB disk space.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting for Resellers

Users who prefer to use Linux can choose the dedicated server-based plans that come with more resources. These start at $84.85/mo for Altura2 dedicated hosting plan that gets you single-core Intel or AMD-CPU. You also get 1GB RAM, Linux CentOS 6.x or 5.x with SSH and root access and a 1000 Mbps network port. You also receive 4 free IP addresses (max of 32), and 100 GB disk space.

The second plan for dedicated hosting is Barista that’s available at $294.95 for 3GB RAM, 250 GB disk space, dual-core Intel or AMD CPU and six free IP addresses.

Lastly, the Moshi2 plan offers the most resources in this category like a quad-core Intel or AMD CPU, 6GB of RAM, and 500 GB disk space. You also get eight free IP addresses.

Window-based reseller plans

If you want to use windows, you can choose from 6 plans offered by MochaHost at some of the most affordable prices out there. The cheapest plan is Mocha2 which goes for $11.63 per month and offers 25 GB disk space, unlimited domains, unlimited monthly traffic, and Enom reseller account.

The Expresso Plan costs $16.63 with added features such as 35GB disk space, free client billing, Remote IIS Management, MS SQL reporting, Remote MYSQL access, unlimited MySQL database and ASP.NET, and the option to use ClientEXEC client billing and software for an additional $4/mo.

Latte comes at $24.96 monthly fee to retain the perks of Expresso plan while giving you 55 GB of disk space.

Americano plan offers 60 GB disk space for $35.79/mo while Cappuccini plan costs $44.13 monthly fee and delivers up to 80 GB disk space. The biggest plan is Macchiatto that delivers 100GB space for $50.79/mo.

MochaHost VPS Hosting

If you have multiple websites, then MochaHost VPS Hosting is worth checking out. For starters, the company allows you to host numerous websites and a large amount of traffic. For this category, you get 8 VPS options for Linux and Windows. Most hosting providers charge a premium for Windows license, but that’s not an issue with MochaHost.

 For Linux users, the first plan is Ristretto4 which starts at $7.98 for 0.5 GB RAM, 1GB RAM (Burstable), single CPU core, 40 GB disk space, and SSH root access.

For Windows users, the starting plan is Perfetto1 that costs $9.08 per month. The plan delivers 1 GB RAM, 60GB SSD storage, 1TB Bandwidth, single CPU core, and SSL support. You also get 2.4 GHz CPU, 1 GB dynamic RAM, and MS SQL express. Other additions include a free CDN, Cloudflare Railgun, and 100 Mbps VPS port.

This plan is also available for Linux users and goes for $9.98/mo with 2 GB RAM and the same features offered for the window’s plan.

Windows users looking for more resources can purchase the Perfetto2 to get 2 GB RAM, 80GB SSD disk space and super memory cache. You also get super SSD Cache, unlimited free SSL (256 bit) for life and unmetered monthly traffic. The plan costs $14.98/mo. The rest of the features are similar to Perfecto1.

Perfetto2 Plan for Linux users offers the same features but with 4.8 GHz CPU, and 2 CPU cores.

The Perfetto3 is the third plan with 2GB RAM, 4.8 GHz CPU power, 2 CPU cores, and 100GB SSD storage. The plan costs $19.98/mo. The cost is same for Perfecto3 plan for Linux users but offers 3GB RAM and 6GB burstable RAM.

 Perfetto4 costs $24.98 with 4 GB worth of RAM as well as 1GB dynamic RAM. You also get 150 GB SSD disk space. For Linux users, you get 4GB and 7.2 GHz CPU power the as additional features. The plan costs $24.98 for Linux users.

Next is the Perfetto5 plan which allocates 6 GB of RAM, 2GB RAM (dynamic), 4 CPU cores, 9.6 GHz CPU and 200GB SSD disk space. The plan goes for $29.98/mo for Windows Users. On the other hand, Linux Perfetto5 Plan comes with the same features but a reduced RAM of 4GB. The plan also costs $29.98/mo.

The Perfetto6 offers added features such as 8GB RAM and 250 GB SSD disk space. It costs $34.98. Linux users, however, get 4GB RAM, and 12GB burstable RAM for this plan. The cost for Linux is $39.98/mo.

The ultimate plan is Perfetto7 which comes at $44.98/mo with 10 GB guaranteed RAM, 6CPU cores, 14.4 GHz CPU power and 300 GB of disk space. Linux users pay the same for the plan but with 8GB RAM and 16 GB burstable RAM.

Application Hosting

If you have CMS applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or Magento Hosting, then you may consider the affordable application hosting packages offered by MochaHost. Plans here work differently from the unlimited hosting offered in other hosting packages but for better. You’ll be offered environments that comes preloaded with the CMS you need and your website is hosted on a server that specifically works with your particular CMS.

There are two plans for Application Hosting - Business and Mocha Plans. Both plans can host unlimited websites, enjoy unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, and Unlimited free SSL for Life. All plans are optimized for Joomla with a one-click installer. You also get free SEO tools, Search engine Submission, and one Lifetime Free domain.

The business plan comes with a Super Server Power and automatic backups. On the other hand, the Mocha Plan has added perks such as a Free CDN, Cloudflare Railgun, SSH/SFTP support, Mocha Memcached, PCI scanning, and Trust Seals.

Note that MochaHost offers free migration assistance to users of application hosting as well as malware and spam monitoring. The company also gives a Lightning Fast Guarantee on its plans to provide visitors with fast loading speeds.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

For webmasters looking for absolute control and better security for their Web server, MochaHost’s Dedicated Cloud Server plans are ideal. As with other plans, these packages are covered by the 180/30-day money-back guarantee. What’s more, this web host offers you easy RAM upgrades, storage, processor support, and application support.

There are 9 plans for Linux cloud servers and 8 for Windows Cloud Servers with all offering free SSL certificates, SSD disk space, CloudFlare Railgun, 1000 Mbps network port, and a free CDN. Windows users get WordPress-optimized hosting. On the other hand, Linux users get access to additional features including a free $800 value pack, MYSL support, MS SQL, and SolidCP Control Panel. We take a look at the hosting options you’ll find for this category.

Altura-3 is the first plan for dedicated cloud servers renewing at $19/mo for Linux servers. With it, you get a single CPU core, 4000 GB monthly traffic, 50GB disk space, and a RAM worth 2 GB which can be expanded to 6 GB upon request.

For Windows users, the equivalent of the Altura-3 plan comes with 4GB that can be upgraded to 8GB with additional 4GB RAM (dynamic) for the first 3 packages. Windows users pay $24 a month.

The Ankola-3 Plan renews at $30 per month for Linux and comes with guaranteed 4GB RAM that can be expanded to 10GB and 4000 GB monthly traffic. The plan features 2 CPU cores with a CPU power of 4.8 GHz and 100 GB SSD disk space.

Windows user’s version of Ankola-3 offers the same except for 6GB RAM that can be upgraded to 10GB RAM.

Barista-3 is the third plan with 6GB worth of RAM that can be expanded to 12 GB RAM, 200GB SSD space, and users also get Super Memory. The plan offers 4 CPU cores with a 9.6 GHz clocking speed. Linux users get this plan for $47 per month.

The Windows version of this plan delivers similar features but offers 8GB RAM and possible 12GB if required.

Barahona-3 costs $63 per month with 8GB RAM that can be expanded to 16 GB RAM.  This package offers 6 cores with speeds of 14.4 GHz. Users get 300GB of SSD disk space. Windows users get similar features with 10GB RAM that is upgradable to 16 GB RAM. The plan goes for $64 for windows users.

Matari-3 is available at $81 per month with a 10 GB RAM (with a possible upgrade to 20GB), 8 CPU cores, 400GB disk space, 6 free IPs, and 19.2 GHz CPU power. Windows users are provided with the same but get 12 GB (but can be upgraded to 20) for $86 monthly.

Moshi-3 is another dedicated hosting plan by MochaHost that delivers 14 GB (upgradable to 24GB RAM), 10 CPU cores with CPU power of 24 GHz and 500GB disk space. Linux users renew this package at $98 per month. Windows users get the same features with 12 GB RAM expandable to 24GB. The plan goes for $103 per month at a discounted price.

Moshi-4 goes for $120 for Linux servers. The plan features 16 GB, 12 CPU cores, 600GB disk space, and 28.8 GHz for CPU power. Windows users get 18 GB RAM with other features mirroring those of Linux. Windows Moshi-4 costs $125.

Moshi-5 plan offers added resources such as 20 GB RAM, 14 CPU cores, and CPU power of 33.6 GHz. This plan offers 700 GB for disk space and costs $142 for Linux.  The price for Windows servers is $147 for the same features except for the 22 GB RAM.

Lastly, Moshi-6 renews at $169 for Linux and delivers 244GB RAM that can be expanded up to 48GB. This is the same for Windows but you renew at $169 for 26 GB RAM, and an added 100 GB second disk.

Java Tomcat Hosting

It’s common for web hosting companies to offer services like WordPress, shared and VPS hosting. MochaHost is certainly unique by offering Java and Tomcat hosting. You rarely see this in most hosting providers and it’s a pretty commendable gesture seeing that this company have the interest of bloggers at heart. If looking to expand to more advanced development techniques or use Java blogging platform sites such as OpenCMS, JBake, or Apache Roller, this is an offering worth checking at.

Java and Tomcat hosting from MochaHost come with nifty features such as support for multiple JavaServer pages and sites, offers unlimited monthly traffic for each plan, and offers unlimited support for non-JSP websites. Users also get a private SSL to install to their e-commerce stores.

MochaHost is focused towards offering cheap and reliable Tomcat web hosting with full support to frameworks and applications such as JSF, Sping, Struts, JavaMail, and Hibernate just to mention a few. Users also get a Tomcat restart tool that’s available on the control panel. MochaHost offers multiple plans for Java and Tomcat hosting which vary for different hosting requirements.

MochaHost offers 2 categories for Java Tomcat Hosting including Tomcat and Tomcat VPS (cloud).

For Tomcat plans, the cheapest plan is Business Plan Shared JVM which works with small JSP apps with low traffic. This package can host a single JSP site with unlimited free SSL for life, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited SSD disk space, Tomcat restart tool, and MYSQL 5.6 x. You also get shared heap size (1024 MB) and JDK 1.8. This plan goes for $3.48/mo.

The next plan for Tomcat starts as $5.57/mo with unlimited JSP sites, private JVM, MYSQL 5.6 x and PostgreSQL. Known as the Business Plan Private JVM, this package delivers WAR deployment, Spring Boot Support and Lighting Fast Guarantee as added features from the previous plans. The plan also gives 64/128/256 MB heap size making it suitable for more complex apps with higher traffic.

The largest plan in this category is Java VPS which costs $19.98/mo. This is required for high power and best security. You get up to 500GB SSD disk space and 512MB-6GB Java heap size. This plan is compatible with any Tomcat framework and offers 2 to 4 cores that clock at 2.4 GHz each. The VPS RAM is 6GB but burstable to 12GB. This plan offers reseller support and super memory cache.

The other category is Tomcat Cloud which features Java VPS and Java cloud. The two packages offer more resources such as hosting unlimited JSP sites, unlimited free SSL for Life, and sites undergo malware and spam checking. Additionally, these plans offer unlimited monthly traffic, SSH access and offer support for Java, PHP, Python, Perl, and CGI.

The notable differences between these plans is the disk capacity where Java VPS delivers 100GB +SSD boost while Java Cloud offers 200GB + SSD boost. Java VPS runs on OpenVZ platform while Java cloud works on Dedicated Cloud. The heap size is also different with the VPS offering up to 6GB heap size compared to Java Cloud that offers up to 30 GB.

Java VPS offers 2-4 CPU cores and up to 9.4 GHz CPU power while the Java Cloud comes with 4-16 CPU cores with 2.4 GHz each. Both plans offer free migration assistance, free CDN, reseller support and super SSD cache.

Java VPS goes for $19.98 while Java Cloud costs $47 per month.

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price
Mocha - - USD Admin panel Unlimited ASP.NET,Perl,Python,PHP IMAP, POP3, SMTP MySQL $ 6.21
Business - - USD Admin panel Unlimited ASP.NET,Perl,Python,PHP IMAP, POP3, SMTP MySQL $ 3.98
Soho - - USD Admin panel 1 ASP.NET,Perl,Python,PHP IMAP, POP3, SMTP MySQL $ 2.48
Mocha - - USD cPanel Unlimited - - MySQL $ 5.59
Business - - USD cPanel Unlimited - - MySQL $ 3.48
Soho - - USD cPanel 1 - - MySQL $ 1.95

Reseller Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Accounts Scripting Database Guarantee Location Price
Macchiato - Windows 100GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 50.79
Cappuccino - Windows 80GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 34.13
Americano - Windows 60GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 25.79
Latte - Windows 55GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 24.96
Espresso - Windows 35GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 16.63
Mocha2 - Windows 25GB - cPanel Unlimited ASP.NET,PHP MySQL $ 11.63
Moshi2 500GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Node.js,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 294.95
Barista2 250GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Node.js,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 154.95
Altura2 100GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Node.js,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 84.85
Macchiato2 150GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Node.js,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 74.95
Cappuccino2 100GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 64.95
Americano2 70GB - WHM Unlimited Django,Java,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 49.95
Latte 55GB - cPanel Unlimited Django,Java,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 21.20
Espresso 35GB - cPanel Unlimited Django,Java,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 14.12
Mocha2 25GB - cPanel Unlimited Django,Java,Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP MySQL $ 9.87

VSP Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Cores RAM Core Speed CPU Backups Managed Location Price
Perfetto7-R2 300GB - Plesk 6 2GB 2.4GHz 6 Cores $ 44.98
Perfetto6-R2 250GB - Plesk 4 8GB 2.4GHz 4 Cores $ 34.98
Perfetto5-R2 200GB - Plesk 4 6GB 2.4GHz 4 Cores $ 29.98
Perfetto4-R2 150GB - Plesk 2 4GB 2.4GHz 2 Cores $ 24.98
Perfetto3-R2 100GB - Plesk 2 2GB 2.4GHz 2 Cores $ 19.98
Perfetto2-R2 80GB - Plesk 1 2GB 2.4GHz 1 Cores $ 14.98
Perfetto1-R2 60GB 1000GB Plesk 1 1GB 2.4GHz 1 Core $ 11.68
Perfetto7 300GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 2.4GHz 4 Cores $ 49.98
Perfetto6 250GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 4 6GB 2.4GHz 4 Cores $ 39.98
Perfetto5 200GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 4 4GB 2.4GHz 4 Cores $ 29.98
Perfetto4 150GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 3 4GB 2.4GHz 3 Cores $ 24.98
Perfetto3 100GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 2 3GB 2.4GHz 2 Cores $ 19.98
Perfetto2 80GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 2 2GB 2.4GHz 2 Cores $ 14.98
Perfetto1 60GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 1 2GB 2.4GHz 1 Core $ 9.98
Ristretto4 40GB 500GB Plesk,cPanel 1 0.5GB 1.2GHz 1 Core $ 7.98

Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
Moshi-6 800GB - Admin panel 16 26GB 2.4GHz 1 16 cores $ 169.00
Moshi-5 700GB - Admin panel,Plesk 14 22GB 2.4GHz 1 14 Cores - $ 147.00
Moshi-4 600GB - Admin panel,Plesk 12 18GB 2.4GHz 1 12 Cores $ 125.00
Moshi-3 500GB - Admin panel,Plesk 10 14GB 2.4GHz 1 10 Cores $ 103.00
Matari-3 400GB - Admin panel,Plesk 8 12GB - 1 8 Cores $ 86.00
Barahona-3 300GB - Admin panel,Plesk 6 10GB 2.4GHz 1 6 Cores $ 69.00
Barista-3 200GB - Admin panel,Plesk 4 8GB 2.4GHz 1 4 Cores - $ 52.00
Ankola-3 100GB - Admin panel,Plesk 2 6GB 2.4GHz 1 2 Cores $ 35.00
Altura-3 50GB - Admin panel,Plesk 1 4GB 2.4GHz 1 1 Core $ 24.00
Moshi-6 800GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 16 24GB 2.4GHz 1 16 Cores $ 164.00
Moshi-5 700GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 14 20GB 2.4GHz 1 - $ 142.00
Moshi-4 600GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 12 16GB 2.4GHz 1 12 Cores $ 120.00
Moshi-3 500GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 10 12GB 2.4GHz 1 10 Cores $ 98.00
Matari-3 400GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 8 10GB 2.4GHz 1 8 Cores $ 81.00
Barahona-3 300GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 6 8GB 2.4GHz 1 6 Cores $ 64.00
Barista-3 200GB - WHM,Plesk,cPanel 4 6GB 2.4GHz 1 4 Cores $ 47.00
Ankola-3 100GB 4000GB WHM,Plesk,cPanel 2 4GB 2.4GHz 1 2 Cores $ 30.00
Altura-3 50GB 4000GB WHM,Plesk,cPanel 1 2GB 2.4GHz 1 1 Core $ 19.00

Features of MochaHost Hosting

Performance and Speed

For a company to achieve more traffic, the need for an online presence can never be underrated. It is now estimated that out every ten consumers, seven prefer a business with an online presence or at least a social media presence. To have an effective online presence, you have to combine the element of great content that is also search engine optimized (SEO) and reliable hosting.

MochaHost promises to offer industry-leading hosting performance with record-breaking speeds. To achieve this, the company has invested in enterprise data centers with optimized server management tools. To get a better understanding of just how good their performance is, here is a list of some of MochaHost performance and speed elements:

Enterprise Data Centers

MochaHost has invested in SAS 70 Type 2 Certified enterprise data centers. What this means is that your site will be hosted on secure servers that are not only intrusion proof but also well maintained to prevent cases of downtime caused by hardware failure.

These data centers are equipped with multiple fiber optic internet lines to provide redundancy in case your connection gets interrupted. This means that iincoming traffic will be diverted to another connection thereby ensuring that your site remains accessible at all times. The company has also invested in numerous diesel generators for providing backup power whenever it’s needed. The data centers are also equipped with backup tape libraries to ensure no chance of data loss.

Enterprise Level SSD- SAN Drives

When it comes to storage solutions, one might be tempted to go with the HDD option which is significantly cheaper compared to SSDs. MochaHost has invested in SSD storage solution for all its data centers. These SAN-class drives are equipped with the latest caching technology to increase the read/write speeds further. The SSDs rely on RAID 10 topology that’s more redundant compared to other options available on the market. The enterprise-level server allies used together with the SSDs support hot swapping to ensure that any faulty drives get replaced as fast as possible without having to take down the entire server.

Ultra-Fast and Secure Servers

MochaHost server nodes rely on top of the shelf Intel and AMD enterprise processors. These are not only great when it comes to processing speeds but also support vast amounts of RAM, in this case, up to 256GB+ of raw random-access memory per node. The result is that each client hosted on the server gets plenty of resources for their website’s needs to further boost performance. The servers are secured by CISCO proprietary programs as well as custom-built firewall applications to offer world-class cybersecurity guarantee and uninterrupted site speeds.

100% Uptime Guarantee

MochaHost is serious about its uptime guarantee; the company has invested in its hosting services and promises to offer a 100% uptime guarantee. What this means for your site is that you never have to worry about your site going offline due to issues associated with hosting. The company even has a refund policy for every hour spent offline, and the credit goes towards your next monthly payment. It obviously takes more than just a promise to pull off a 100% uptime guarantee. Indeed, it takes a team of dedicated technicians to ensure that everything runs under optimal conditions and consistently and that’s what MochaHost’s performance is all about.


Most hackers target WordPress websites because of the numerous themes, plugins and customizable options that this CMS has. MochaHost offers a malware scanner that keeps an eye on your website and automatically removes any malicious files it finds.

The company says that their servers undergo 24/7 monitoring using the latest technology and even has in place strict security policies to ensure that confidential information remains safe. MochaHost also provides you with extra plugins that help you deal with comments spam, brute force attacks, and other threats.

Free Unlimited SSL Certificates (For Life)

The web host also offers unlimited SSL certificates for free to secure all your data and visitors information. The host guarantees that as long as you remain to be their customers, you won’t be charged for the 256 bit SSL certificates. The host also offers other benefits like automatic validation, 24/7 support, free installation to mention just a few. MochaHost SSL certificates are affordable and will make your website visitors feel safer while doing business with your business.

Better yet, you can add as many certificates as you wish without added costs. To enhance your website’s security, these certificates are renewed automatically via the cPanel at zero cost. All their SSL certificates support all major web browsers and increase your search engine visibility for complying with the new Google ranking algorithm. Today, Google gives a “Not Secure” warning on sites without SSL certification.

Load Protection

The number one issue that shared hosting clients face is poor site performance. Luckily, MochaHost uses next-generation hosting platform that helps to reduce slow server and ensure stability and facilitate real-time load protection against malicious activities. High memory usage may lead to memory leaks in buggy applications that are often run on shared sites under malicious attacks. Luckily, with load protection, you’ll be able to monitor all servers 24/7 and escalate any issue for further review. However, the web host is protected by CISCO with over 7 Gbps of DDoS mitigation for common attacks.

Domain Privacy protection

Do you know that existing domain regulations expose all your private information in a publicly accessible database referred to as ‘WHOlS database’? This means that your private information can be accessed by anyone including spammers, hackers and identity thieves. To prevent the bad guys from obtaining your details such as email and use it with various marketing firms, MochaHost offers Domain Privacy protection. The tool works in the same way as having your mobile number “unlisted” to help you keep your private information confidential. ID protection applies to the following TLDs; com, biz, net, org, name, cc, me, and tv among others.

Updates and Backup

It’s recommended that you backup your files and account data regularly to avoid frustrations in case of server failure. However, in case you need automatic back up, you can rely on MochaHost. This web host offers automatic back up every night and makes them available to you any time you need them.

Other security features include:

-          Anti-spam protection in the form of Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin.

-          Ability to blacklist IP addresses to block access to your site.

-          Offers secure SSH access to allow for separate access to files securely.

-          Single click integration with Cloudflare which helps in thwarting DDoS attacks.

Customer service

Like many hosts, MochaHost offers 24/7/365 support. If you have an issue, comment or question, you can contact their technical staff using live chat or ticketing system. This hosting provider also offers a toll-free number for their support which you can call at any time. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t put it clear as to where their staff is located, but various researches reveal that a majority of their technical staff are based in Belgium. They can offer support when you need to transfer your site.

MochaHost Control Panel

MochaHost offers cPanel as the default control panel software. cPanel is said to be the most common third-party control panel. There’s a reason or reasons behind this; cPanel is easy to use thanks to the tabbed view that makes navigation through the various menus a bliss. Here are some features that make MochaHost’s cPanel the best control panel yet:

·         Mail Access

Having mail access on your cPanel allows you to set up mailing lists, auto-responders, spam control, and the type of mail access that’s granted. The tab can be used to set up POP, SMTP, and IMAP with SSL encryption. Push Email service will allow you to receive your emails on the go while IMAP IDLE supports fast incoming and outgoing email transfer to even mobile devices.

The mail access is handy at setting up email forwarding, spam rules, and email filtering so that you can access the important emails first.

·         Backup management

The cPanel backup wizard tab can be used to make full database backups, emails as well as site backups. With this capability, you will never have to worry about losing your site’s content in case of data loss. You can transfer the backups to offline storage using the FTP tool to move files.

·         Database Control

MochaHost supports having multiple databases in an account. To take full advantage of this feature, users are encouraged to use the cPanel database control tab. You can use it to create or edit existing databases and set up access controls.

·         Domain name management

To manage your existing domain names, you can use this tool. The tool also allows you to add subdomains, parked domains, and add-on domains.

·         File Management

Sooner or later you will need to upload new content to your site. To do this, you will need to have a file manager that supports FTP. The file management included in MochaHost’s cPanel supports all of this. The file management tool can also be used to transfer backups and manage your storage resource usage to avoid getting into trouble with the fair usage policy.

180 days risk-free Guarantee

MochaHost is suitable for small businesses and allows you to pay on a monthly fee for your hosting package. You can decide whether to pay upfront for 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months. The advantage of having a longer contract is that you get a discount depending on the length of the contract. What if I am not satisfied with the quality of service?

Unlike most other web hosting companies that offer 30 days or less for their refund policy, MochaHost is a rare hosting provider that promises 180 days risk-free guarantee. This means that customers can cancel their hosting accounts 180 days after subscription and request a refund for all unused hosting service. If you request for a refund before 30 days of the contract, you get a full refund.

As is typical, refunds exclude fees paid for SSL certificates, domain names and other add-ons services. Customers who want to cancel their hosting plans after the 180 days period aren’t eligible for any refunds.

Additionally, MochaHost is currently promoting its window dedicated cloud server by offering some customers a Lifetime Discount Guarantee for any future renewals provided they pay for a 2 or 3-year Windows dedicated server plan.

E-commerce Features

As earlier pointed, MochaHost offers excellent uptime and network which is a boon for small business owners. This way, your site will stay online as much as possible which means more traffic and sales. All Mochahost plans support a free shopping cart software, but the host offers other effective solutions for users who need more than online stores.

MochaHost Quick Install tool assists you when you need to install your favorite CMS software to your domain. These include the most used content management eCommerce and blogging platforms like  Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento eCommerce and Concrete 5 among others.

You also get to install the latest version of the software with a few clicks via the cPanel.

MochaHost Extras

Advertising credits

To get your site up and running, MochaHost offers up to $100 worth of Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook Ad credits. These plus quality content that’s search engine optimized (SEO) will see your site rise in ranking as well as traffic inflow.

Unlimited bandwidth

Your site is bound to attract more traffic over time. Therefore, your hosting plan should be able to accommodate this growth in bandwidth usage. Thankfully, MochaHost offers unlimited bandwidth with its plans. This prevents escalating prices from buying additional bandwidth capacity.

Free Migration Assistance

MochaHost offers free migration services from all major hosting providers such as GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost among others. You only need to perform a full cPanel Backup from your old hosting provider and upload it to your MochaHost account. You then contact the support via the ticket system to tell them the exact file you want to be restored.

Website builder

Need a site builder? MochaHost’s site builder is user-friendly with numerous web tools for newbies and advanced web designers alike. With five easy steps, you can create, manage and publish your website effortlessly and there are no HTML skills required. Additional features of this site builder include:

-          Over 500 fully customizable templates.

-          Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing capabilities.

-          e-shopping cart that supports PayPal, Cash on Delivery,, and Money/Order check.

Multiple Content Management Systems support

MochaHost offers flexibility regarding which CMS you would like to use to design your website. Some of the supported systems include; WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Strengths and Weaknesses of MochaHost Web Hosting

Hands down, MochaHost offers numerous features that are unique from what you’ll find anywhere else. Of course, you will find mixed reactions from customers who have used MochaHost, but the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.


-          Unlimited Bandwidth

MochaHost provides unlimited bandwidth on all its hosting plans. While this is not the first web host to offer this, it is a great feature for most webmasters looking to grow and not be punished for that by their hosting providers.

-          Easy Website Builder

Another nice feature you get with MochaHost is the WYSIWYG builder which offers an easy to use interface. This feature is particularly helpful for users without any coding skills. Its editor is easy to use as it employs a drag-and-drop interface. With this builder, your website should be running in a few clicks.

-          180-day Risk-Free Guarantee

One exciting feature from MochaHost is its refund policy. This host offers a generous 6-month money-back guarantee. As per the Terms of Service, you can cancel the contract before 6 months, but you get a prorated refund (not full refund) depending on the resources you’ve used during that time. However, you can get a full refund if you cancel the plan before 30 days of service.

-          Lifetime Discount Guarantee

This is a unique feature that offers great value for money. The policy is that your price will never change. That means that if you sign up at a discounted price, you will always pay that for renewal. For instance, the cheapest plan goes for $2 per month. If you sign up for the plan and remain as a MochaHost customer, you will not be needed to pay more than the price for the plan – they will never raise the price for you.

-          100% Uptime Guarantee

Let’s face it; it’s virtually impossible to get a hosting provider with a hundred percent uptime guarantee. MochaHost keeps to this promise by compensating a fee when your website goes down due to server errors. The only issue is that they lack a server status page that could notify users when there is technical errors.

-          Lifetime Free Domain Name

Registering a domain name will cost you $15 per year. However, Mochahost offers you a free domain name, to begin with and offers to cater for the annual domain charges forever if you remain with them.


As enticing as it may sound, MochaHost has it’s shortcomings.

-          Control Panels are charged

One part that users do not like is that they pay for the cPanels. Linux options may not have an issue with cPanels because they get a few to choose from such as Easy Web Panel, WHM, cPanel and Plesk Panel. For Windows users, these are not free.

-          Foreign support

You might be surprised to learn that while their data centers are located in Chicago (USA), they have their support at Belgium. They should be US-based considering where their offices are located.

-          No Integrated Backup

In case you lose your files and database information, you may be forced to contact the host for back up. MochaHost doesn’t offer a back up in the cPanel, but you can get your back up from them.

Mocha Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MochaHost?

Based in Silicon Valley, the company was founded in 2002 with the aim of offering integrated and holistic website hosting solutions at an affordable price. Their stand out feature is the “Lifetime Discount” program which means that your renewal fees never changes. To add on that, MochaHost offers both window and Linux hosting. They offer a generous toolbox of website building tools, digital marketing support, e-commerce solutions, and other services.

Since their founding, MochaHost has worked with over 1 million clients.

Why choose MochaHost?

As with other hosting providers, MochaHost has its good and bad side. On the good side, the web host offers excellent response time which averages a speed of below 180ms. The standard response time for a normal site is 890ms, but MochaHost provides 394% faster than that.

They also offer free unlimited SSL certificates for a lifetime so that you don’t have to spend extra bucks on this certification anymore. In addition, you also get excellent uptime which they say 100%, but genuinely they ensure a 99.94% uptime which is still commendable for such affordable rates.

What is their Uptime Guarantee?

MochaHost offers a 100% network and server uptime which includes the availability of network components and servers. However, this does not cover scheduled maintenance, interruptions due to client’s problems outside the web host’s network, or malicious activity like the DDoS attacks.

In case MochaHost fails to meet their SLA and you record a 3 hours of downtime or less, you get a credit equal to 3% of your monthly fee. Note that for every additional hour, you get a credit equal to 5% of your monthly fee. MochaHost datacenters in Chicago are SAS 70 Type II certified. There’s enough power for backup provided by 32 diesel-powered generators, and the company ensures that there is three days’ worth of diesel on site.

Does MochaHost offer unlimited Bandwidth?

Some of the most expensive packages offered by MochaHost come with unlimited or unmetered bandwidth. Simply put, it means that your site can handle all your visitors no matter how many and the requests they make for your site. As such, the issue of excess traffic will be no more (if the traffic experienced is not caused by an extreme circumstance such as a DDoS attack). In case you’re worried that your site might go down due to excessive traffic, it’s advisable that you purchase a package with unmetered bandwidth. The web host reserves the right to limit service in case there is the extreme use of resources.

Do they offer domain registration?

Yes, MochaHost’s services include domain names. Apart from offering initial registration services and renewals, the web host also offers to transfer your domain to MochaHost if you find that your current provider is unsatisfactory. Mochahost offers free site migrations. You can also get what they call a “Lifetime Free Domain’’. As opposed to most other hosting providers who provide a free domain name for the first year only, MochaHost gives a free domain name, free of charge for the length of the contract. With other providers, you cater for the renewal fees for the subsequent years.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

If you need to keep your personal details private, you can purchase Domain privacy protection which keeps your name, address, email, phone number and other details safe. Note that all these details are by default publicly-available on WHOIS directory. This service by MochaHost helps hide your details from the bad guys. You can get the service in MochaHost cPanel.

Does MochaHost help with SEO and Digital Marketing?

If you need additional assistance for SEO, MochaHost has partnered with Attracta to provide a variety of plans that are designed to enhance your site’s ranking results on Google. Apart from multi-search engine submissions, you’ll get a Google Blacklist and Malware Scanning tools as well as tricks and tips to improve your site.

Does MochaHost offer a refund policy? How does it work?

Unlike most other hosting platforms that offer 30 days for a refund, MochaHost offers one of the longest Money-Back Guarantees on its packages in the web hosting industry. In case you’re unsatisfied with their services or realize that the package you purchased is not suitable for your needs, you can cancel the plan within 180 days to get a refund of your unused fees. Note that if you cancel your plan within 30 days of purchase, you will get a full refund. As with most web hosts, the money back guarantee does not include things like domain related fees, static IPs, SSL certificates, software licenses, and control panel purchases.

How good is MochaHost Customer support?

Mocha Host’s customer service is always ready to help its customers. If you have a question, concern or comment, you can reach their customer representatives via their 24/7 live chat or telephone. The platform has an in-depth knowledge base which offers insightful guides and online video tutorials.

Is MochaHost suitable WordPress hosting?

Yes, MochaHost offers WordPress optimized hosting. Mocha Optimized edition is easy to install and set up within minutes. MochaHost offers an intuitive cPanel that is easy to use when creating your website. The host also offers other benefits from free applications that are suitable with WordPress such as Joomla and Drupal. A WordPress plan gets you access to SSD storage, some plugins and themes as well as excellent uptime. All plans offer unlimited sites, a free private SSL, one-click installation and a dashboard for managing several blogs at once.

Is MochaHost a Secure Site?

MochaHost offers excellent security with anti-spam protection that uses 3 tools including Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assasin. Your emails are well-secured, and password is safe. The secure shell access feature adds a boost to security by allowing you to access configuration files securely. MochaHost offers single-click integration with Cloudflare to fight DDoS attacks.

Does MochaHost offer other blogging platforms?

Yes, you get a myriad of other ways to launch a blog other than using WordPress. A few of these options include serendipity which is PHP powered and easy to use to create and maintain a blog. Another platform is LifeType which is powered by PHP and MySQL that support subdomains. For people who want to start with a simple platform, Nucleus CMS requires minimal setup.

Does MochaHost offer SSL certificates?

Yes, the hosting provider offers affordable SSL certificates. MochaHost offers free SSL certificates provided you work with them as their customer. They offer domain-validated, extended validation, company, validated, wildcard and multi-domain SSL certification

Do you get MochaHost site builder?

If you need to design your website, MochaHost gives you two options that are helpful: A DIY site building tool or custom web design services. A site builder contains ready-to-use themes where all you need to do is change the placeholder texts and images for a finished website. The WYSIWYG editor offers a user-friendly interface and can be used by those with no experience or technical knowledge in website design. Because this is a paid option, MochaHost prevents any adverts on your final website.

How to use the site builder offered by MochaHost

For the first-timers, when you access your MochaHost account, you will be prompted to choose between a cPanel and Website Builder. For WordPress or CMS applications, you can use the cPanel. However, to create your site, you will select the site builder. The site builder asks you to choose the domain you want and offers a click button to proceed. You will need to choose the template you prefer based on your site category and begin editing. The builder offers to add text, upload an image, insert image, create pages, headings, galleries, navigation to mention a few. The process is simple using the drag and drop interface on the template you choose.

What payment methods does MochaHost accept?

When buying any plans, you can use Credit or Debit cards, e.g. VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. These are the most preferred payments. You can also opt for Paypal, Moneybookers (Skrill). The hosting provider also accepts some electronic cards but does not take prepaid and gift cards. Payments not accepted are cash payments, WebMoney, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin and AlerPay.