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InterServer was founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri in 1999. The web host initially started as a virtual hosting account reseller in Secaucus, New Jersey where its main data center is located. Over the years, the company has added one more center in California. It has also retained most of its top management and directorial staff with some still answering the phone and offering hands-on support. InterServer has maintained a low employee turnover which indicates the company�s strength and business ethics.

While VPS still forms a larger part of their business, this host has grown to a point where they now focus on the general web hosting services. The hosting provider specializes in Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting with VPS leading among these 3 hosting solutions. Colocation and managed servers are the recent additions to their services list.

The company prides itself as a �budget-friendly� hosting providers. Whether you need a host for Linux or Windows, you�ll find that all the plans are competitively priced. They use top-quality hardware to ensure optimal performance and uptime to its clients.

InterServer customers range from single owners to small and medium business.

InterServer Plans

Like any other web host, InterServer offers various hosting options for their customers ranging from standard beginner plans to top-tier dedicated servers. These solutions are meant to cater for the ever-changing customer needs depending on site�s growth rate.

InterServer goes the extra step to provide customizable plans which can be configured as per the client�s needs. There are also individual plans to cater for WordPress Hosting, non-profit hosting, and even student hosting.

Let�s take a look at these packages and what they offer:

Standard Web Hosting Services

This package contains plans that rely on shared infrastructure. As a result, the majority of these plans will have some similar features like unlimited storage and bandwidth. That being said, it�s important to remember that the unlimited resources will always be subjected to fair usage policies.

These services offer premium resources such as unlimited ultra-fast SSD storage and unlimited email accounts. The company uses a price lock guarantee, so you don�t have to pay more as long as you are their customer. Let�s take a look at some of these plans:

cPanel Cloud Hosting

This plan represents the ultimate starter package: with a free copy of SitePad website builder and over 450 cloud apps, even a newbie will quickly create a site with a few clicks. InterServer has gone out of its way to include global content caching so that your site remains available to all your visitors no matter their location.

In terms of security, cPanel cloud hosting includes inter-shield protection which is commendable especially when it comes to dealing with DDOS attacks. Besides, the company�s 24/7 support will quickly resolve any issues that you may run into while managing your site. If you want to migrate your site, the in-house team will gladly offer the hands-on help. You just need to request for a free website migration from support center, and they will gladly help.

This plan goes for $5 a month.

ASP.NET Web Hosting

For the ultimate web development environment and services, InterServer offers ASP.NET web hosting package. With unlimited storage, and unlimited transfer you will never have to worry about your website�s expansion. You can create up to 25 sites and equip them with unlimited email and free SSL certificates that come with the subscription.

InterServer offers weekly backups and unlimited FTP accounts which will come in handy if you have a team working on the same account. In terms of storage, you will get Raid 10 storage that�s boosted by the SSD caching servers. The host runs on 10GB Cisco network for a zero-lag experience. Free Cloudflare CDN has also been included to ensure that your sites are easily accessible and load up in record time.

This web development solution costs $5 each month. Luckily you can save up on longer billing cycles, e.g., a 36 months cycle will cost only $144 which is like paying $4 per month.

Private Email Hosting

Just like any other department, your business online presence requires a professional approach especially when it comes to communication. InterServer offers the private email hosting plan to take care of all the tiny but critical details involved in delivering valid, non-bulk and non-spam emails instantly across all of your devices.

Email security is taken seriously here, with compromised email detection systems that prevent problems such as IP blacklisting. InterServer also tracks several minute by minute statistics regarding each email sender, in case of any unusual trends and suspicious content the system will automatically flag the spammer preventing further activities.

The internal email monitoring tracks each message to ensure that it is delivered to the right audiences. The space allocation is set at 25GB for each mailbox. The service is available on Outlook, Webmail, and various mobile access platforms such as Android and iPhone. InterServer has thrown in unlimited aliases, group lists and forwarding for the ultimate mail experience.

If your business already has another email provider, InterServer will offer easy and free email migrations. This plan costs $5 per month.

E-commerce Hosting

InterServer�s answer to the ever-growing demand for e-commerce sites is just but a similar copy to their standard hosting plan. That being said, you get the option of either going with the standard option or the ASP.NET. The plan notably offers some great e-commerce plugins and apps such as AbanteCart platform, Magento, Saurus, OctoberCMS and many more.

The plan goes for $5 on both options.

Nonprofit Web Hosting

InterServer offers their standard web hosting package for the free nonprofit web hosting program. This arrangement allows nonprofit organizations to spread their message effectively by harnessing the full capabilities of a well-designed and up to date website. For an organization to qualify for the free service, it needs to be registered and verified as 501C3 with the IRS. The cherry on top, in this case, would be the free domain registration.

Students Web Hosting

In the spirit of encouraging the younger generation to invest in websites, InterServer has come up with a unique student plan. To qualify for the program, you have to sign up for your account, this way you will get 1-year web hosting credit for your account. The package includes all features found in InterServer�s standard package such as cPanel, SSD enhanced servers, SSD SQL offloading and 50% server capacity at any given time.

After the one year of hosting credit gets used up you can renew the plan for only $5 per month and if you need to adjust your features the plan is easily scalable.

Pro Hosting Reseller Web Hosting

Pro hosting offers a chance for developers and professionals who run reseller programs to make a living off selling websites. These sites are actually cPanel accounts each with a standard web hosting package. InterServer provides an easy to use web-based manager to control your hosting accounts. The daily backups offer a proactive backup solution so that your clients never lose their websites� data. 

Currently, InterServer has five reseller plans namely RS one, RS two, RS three, RS four, and RS five. These offer deferring hardware resources. RS one plan gets 80GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, and goes for $19.95 per month. RS two plan includes 100GB disk space, 700Gb bandwidth, and will set you back $29.95 each month. The RS three plan, on the other hand, has 160GB disk space complimented by 1000Gb bandwidth and costs $39.95 per month. A monthly subscription of $49.95 will earn you the RS four package which includes 200GB ROM, and a monthly bandwidth cap of 1300GB. Finally, you can get 240Gb storage and 2000Gb bandwidth on the RS five plan which costs $69.95 per month.

You can equip any of these plans with unique IP addresses at $3 per month. Private DNS servers are also available for $5 per month. Complementary services include MySQL on SSD drives, one-click scripts including the installer, and unlimited domains.

Cloud and VPS Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Servers. Unlike the shared hosting, this one offers more specific and personalized resources including RAM, physical server storage space as well as computing resources. It gives you freedom over your resources unlike shared server network, and you pay less compared to dedicated hosting. InterServer VPS hosting offers fantastic cloud VPS experience and unique services. The hosting is safe as you do not share resources like memory storage, processors and bandwidth among other resources. For this reason, VPS hosting offers more reliability compared to shared hosting.

You can choose between Linux and Windows flavors. For the VPS package, the company has placed an affordable price starting at $6 per month for Linux and $10 for windows cloud VPS. Both flavors offer a variety of options to meet your needs for memory, storage, CPU cores and transfer caps among others. InterServer 1 cent VPS hosting offers a number of different options, providing 16 levels so everyone can get a level that suits their needs.

All VPS packages come packed with various features such as 99.9% uptime, latest versions of PHP, Perl, MYSQL, Ruby and more. What makes InterServer VPS hosting plans great is the affordable price, 24/7 support, and easy to set up process. Besides, uers get an easy to operate control panel to manage multiple virtual servers, and you have the freedom to install the software you want on the server. The platform offers high-performance storage system which utilizes with Raid level 10 to ensure redundancy and consistency.

In some cases, this hosting provider offers managed support. This means that you get help with security patches, control panel issues and diagnosing failed services.

Windows VPS

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. InterServer offers amazing features for Windows VPS hosting to make your experience worthwhile. You can choose from 15 different configuration options running on Hyper-v platform, the leading virtualization platform for windows server. Regarding performance, InterServer uses the latest cloud technology keeping your site updated. The company keeps investing in new hardware and developing new software to keep you abreast with the latest features on the market.

InterServer gives you the freedom to do anything on the physical hardware to fulfill your needs. The host also offers 24/7 support via the ticket system to all users with a quick response time of 15 minutes. Additionally, you get great development tools for free such as web server, active directory, RDP and much more. InterServer also offers managed VPS which includes OS support. This means that even if you�re unable to login to your system, the host can easily get you online. Not only this, but you also receive the latest updates, and Windows firewall keeps you protected from common attacks.

InterServer VPS for Windows also allows you to access your Windows desktop from anywhere. The system ensures that you are always connected, and all applications keep running even after you end your remote session. This feature is ideal for a business with remote staff that can access important files. Also, it means that you can run a software background without interrupting data processing, game servers, forex or trading stocks.

Normally, the prices of windows VPS configurations differ depending on the resources provided such as slices, cores memory, storage, and transfer. For instance, the lowest level has two slices and goes up to 16 for the largest package. Cores start with one for the lowest level and 4 for the largest while RAM is 2GB for the smallest level and 16GB for the largest. The first level of configuration goes at $20 and contains 50GB storage and 2TB for bandwidth. The largest level costs $160 with 400GB storage and 16 TB of transfer. You can choose from the 15 levels to get one you are interested in.

WordPress VPS

InterServer offers optimized WordPress install that becomes ready in about 20 minutes only. The platform is entirely dedicated for WordPress by offering Easy WordPress Installer that requires only a few steps for WordPress installation. As with other plans, InterServer offers free migration services to users who wish to move to the host. You also get daily/weekly backups, daily virus scan, hacked WordPress cleanup and you can use any plugin.

Having your server optimized for WordPress function ensures that your experience is fantastic thanks to fast and responsive flow. You also get multiple language servers such as PHP, MYSQL, Python, Perl and Ruby to mention a few.

InterServer WordPress VPS plans start at $6/mo with 16 levels to choose from. The lowest plan for WordPress VPS offers 25 GB storage, 1 TB transfer, and 1GB RAM. The largest plan goes for $96/mo WITH 400 GB storage, 16 TB bandwidth, and 16 GB RAM.


Webuzo is an application director which webmasters can use to convey mainstream web application such as Joomla, Drupal and other CMS with ease. The client control board is similar to the control panel hence you require no additional skills to operate it. Webuzo is suitable for enterprises and small to medium business situations. You can use over 240 web apps via the application director. Webuzo VPS starts at $6/mo.

Dedicated Servers

If you run websites that have seen substantial growth with thousands of visitors per day, then you need dedicated hosting. This types of hosting offers enough resources to cater for your needs in terms of memory, storage space, operating system and the admin panel used on the backend.

InterServer understands that dedicated servers form the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure. The platform allows you to customize your hardware with the vast array of resources to enhance performance, power, and flexibility that you need. Dedicated servers are protected with DDOS protection service for attacks. The service works by identifying the source and destination of the attack and applying appropriate filters.

Another benefit of DDOS protection is that your business keeps running even after an attack because your site�s bandwidth is protected. Dedicated servers come with 10 TB transfer for the standard level.

Large Storage Servers

These are high capacity servers that offer up to 120 TB of storage space. The systems feature 10TB SATA drives that are attached to 2 by server chassis. The host says that you can upgrade the 6 drive configuration to 12 drive configuration should need arise. Large storage servers do not come with hardware raids card which makes them affordable and simple.

This plan offers 2 plans with 60TB storage and another with 120TB storage. Both plans feature a 24 GB Memory, free NAS OS, 1 GB port, 10TB transfer, and 29 IP Space.

10 Gbps Dedicated Server

If you have high bandwidth requirements, you can choose to get yourself 10 Gbps of bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Interserver offers premium network as it works with Tier 1 IP transit providers and major ISPs across the globe. The company also monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, and in case they identify any suspicious activity, enable a null route.

You also get a private LAN to communicate with other servers for free. Another feature is managed support for all hardware and software aspects. To maintain server uptime, your servers undergo server monitoring every time of the day. A unique benefit of these servers is you get unmetered traffic which means you don�t have to worry about overages. The company also makes the setup process so easy in just a few clicks.

GPU dedicated Server

GPU-powered servers contain more efficient CUDA cores that are designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Apart from being very powerful, GPU costs less compared to using Traditional CPU. You can choose between two GPU models including Single GPU and Dual GPU.

The single GPU model costs $180/mo and comes with standard features such as a high capacity network for fast loading speeds, DDoS protection to mitigate attacks and 1GB/s Ports. You also enjoy managed 24/7 support, hardware testing, and 10 Tb Traffic.

On the other hand, a dual GPU costs $744/mo in case you need more resources. In case you need something a little different, the web host offers almost any kind of configuration you may need. You just have to reach their sales department.

Rapid Deploy

These are dedicated servers with 20 minutes set up time. The company offers full resources of a dedicated server for Rapid Deploy but run through KVM virtualization. When you purchase the Rapid Deloy Server, you get access to the management system hence you can carry out reboots, and reinstalls among other benefits. These servers run on RAID1 where all hardware is managed by InterServer.

The standard features for this category of servers are 4 IP addresses, managed support, 10 TB transfers and 1GB port. You also incur zero costs for setting up, and the servers undergo 24/7 monitoring. There are 7 packages for this plan with the cheapest going for $52 and the largest plan goes for $99/mo.

InterServer Colocation

When the time comes for your business to expand, you will need secure space for your servers and other computing hardware. InterServer offers a colocation service that will take care of the building space, power, bandwidth, and most importantly physical security for your hardware and the data stored on it.

The New Jersey data center provides scalable, redundant and resilient colocation services in mission-critical environments. For starters, the facility has 24/7 center access just in case you need to configure some new hardware or to replace failing equipment. The entire facility is also served by multiple power connections, UPS and generator backup to avoid any form of downtime.

Currently, InterServer offers four packages on their Colocation service. These vary in terms of server space as well as power supply. The single server (1u) package costs $99/mo and will get you 10TB bandwidth on a 1GBps port. The � shared rack (10u) will get you five amps 120v power supply and goes for $400. For $650 a month you can get the � shared rack (20u) package loaded with ten amps 120v power supply.

If you are looking for a fully closed cabinet (48u), you can get one for $1500 a month with a 20amps 120V power supply. All these plans can be boosted by additional power for $45 per amp. The company also offers OS installation (Linux and BSD) at an extra $50/ system administration will cost $160 per hour with 15-minute intervals. You can even get cPanel/WHM license for $15 a month. DirectAdmin, on the other hand, will cost $12.50 per month.

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price

Reseller Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Accounts Scripting Database Guarantee Location Price
RS FIVE 240GB 2000GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 69.95
RS FOUR 200GB 1300GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 49.95
RS THREE 160GB 1000GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 39.95
RS TWO 100GB 700GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 29.95
RS ONE 80GB 500GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 19.95

VSP Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Cores RAM Core Speed CPU Backups Managed Location Price
Cloud 16 - Windows 480GB 32000GB Plesk 16 32GB - 16 Cores $ 160.00
Cloud 15 - Windows 450GB 30000GB Plesk 15 30GB - 15 Cores $ 150.00
Cloud 14 - Windows 420GB 28000GB Plesk 14 28GB - 14 Cores $ 140.00
Cloud 13 - Windows 390GB 26000GB Plesk 13 26GB - 13 Cores $ 130.00
Cloud 12 - Windows 360GB 24000GB Plesk 12 24GB - 12 Cores $ 120.00
Cloud 11 - Windows 330GB 22000GB Plesk 11 22GB - 11 Cores $ 110.00
Cloud 10 - Windows 300GB 20000GB cPanel 10 20GB - 10 Cores $ 100.00
Cloud 9 - Linux 270GB 18000GB Plesk 9 18GB - 9 Cores $ 90.00
Cloud 8 - Windows 240GB 16000GB Plesk 8 16GB - 8 Cores $ 80.00
Cloud 7 - Linux 210GB 14000GB Plesk 7 14GB - 7 Cores $ 70.00
Cloud 6 - Windows 180GB 12000GB Plesk 6 12GB - 6 Cores $ 60.00
Cloud 5 - Windows 150GB 10000GB Plesk 5 10GB - 5 Cores $ 50.00
Cloud 4 - Windows 120GB 8000GB Plesk 4 8GB - 4 cores $ 40.00
Cloud 3 - Windows 90GB 6000GB Plesk 3 3GB - 3 Cores $ 30.00
Cloud 2 - Windows 60GB 4000GB Plesk 3 4GB - 2 Cores $ 20.00
Cloud 1 - Windows 30GB 2000GB Plesk 1 2GB - 1 Core $ 10.00
Cloud 16 - Linux 480GB 16000GB cPanel 16 32GB - 16 Cores $ 96.00
Cloud 15 - Linux 450GB 15000GB cPanel 15 30GB - 15 Cores $ 90.00
Cloud 14 - Linux 420GB 14000GB cPanel 14 28GB - 14 Cores $ 84.00
Cloud 13 - Linux 390GB 13000GB cPanel 13 26GB - 13 Cores $ 78.00
Cloud 12 - Linux 360GB 12000GB cPanel 12 24GB - 12 Cores $ 72.00
Cloud 11 - Linux 330GB 11GB cPanel 11 22GB - 11 Cores $ 66.00
Cloud 10 - Linux 300GB 10000GB Plesk 10 20GB - 10 Cores $ 60.00
Cloud 9 - Linux 270GB 9000GB cPanel 9 18GB - 9 Cores $ 54.00
Cloud 8 - Linux 240GB 8000GB cPanel 8 16GB - 8 Cores $ 48.00
Cloud 7 - Linux 210GB 7000GB cPanel 7 14GB - 7 Cores $ 42.00
Cloud 6 - Linux 180GB 6000GB cPanel 6 12GB - 6 Cores $ 36.00
Cloud 5 - Linux 150GB 5000GB cPanel 5 10GB - 5 Cores $ 30.00
Cloud 4 - Linux 120GB 4000GB cPanel 4 8GB - 4 Cores $ 24.00
Cloud 3 - Linux 90GB 3000GB cPanel 3 6GB - 3 Cores $ 18.00
Cloud 2 - Linux 60GB 2000GB cPanel 2 4GB - 2 Cores $ 12.00
Cloud 1 - Linux 30GB 2000GB cPanel 1 2GB - 1 Core $ 6.00

Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
Dedicated 12 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 24 8GB 2.20GHz 4 2 x Xeon E5-2650v4 $ 640.00
Dedicated 11 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 12 8GB 2.00GHz 4 2 x Six Core E5-2620 $ 340.00
Dedicated 10 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 16 32GB 2.10GHz 4 2 x Xeon Silver 4110 $ 363.00
Dedictaed 9 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 24 256GB 2.70GHz 4 2 x Xeon E5-2697v2 $ 410.00
Dedicated 8 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 6 16GB 3.70GHz 4 Intel Core i7-8700K 8ª $ 220.00
Dedicated 7 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 6 8GB 2.00GHz 4 1 x Six Core E5-2620 $ 175.00
Dedicated 6 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 16GB 3.50GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 $ 160.00
Dedicated 5 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 16GB 3.40GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 $ 130.00
Dedicated 4 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.30GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 $ 85.00
Dedictaed 3 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.30GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 $ 80.00
Dedicated 2 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.20GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230 $ 70.00
Dedicated 1 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 2 1GB - 4 Intel Dual Core Atom $ 50.00


With so many hosting options in the market today, it is easy to lose a hang of all the technical details that each brings alongside itself. Amidst them are cloud-based web hosting giants that, unlike the traditional hosting provide a platform to create virtual machines that are capable of hosting sites, apps, and more. That is exactly what Cloudways does; it acts as a hub of services where users are able to manage cloud services powered by Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, VULTR, and DigitalOcean. In other words, it provides a layer of abstraction for users looking to set up and run a scalable server with quick and simple deployment.

About Cloudways

Cloudways was conceptualized in 2009 by its first founders Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, and Uzair Gadit who were enthusiastic on cloud-based hosting that was novel at the time. They set their headquarters on Malta Island in Europe from where they expanded to Spain and then later to UAE. Today, Cloudways powers approximately 12,000 servers and over 25,000 web apps in 43 different countries. The company works with five major cloud providers, supports PHP apps, and provides an innovative control panel to manage services with ease. With it, you can use several content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Magento, and Joomla. For PHP-based CMSs, customers are required to configure everything from scratch with ability to obtain any number of servers while at it. Actually, it is the only do-it-yourself service offered by the company.

How to Get Started With Cloudways

Since Cloudways only focuses on managed hosting, customers rarely handle web maintenance functionalities. These are instead done by the company which compares to web host providers that offer Virtual Private Servers alone.

To get started, Cloudways allows for creation of free-trial account that expires in 3 days. You can choose to sign up using GitHub, LinkedIn, or a valid email address and password.

On successful login into your account, the interface tasks you with the choice of several content management systems (CMS) ranging from Magento, Laravel, SugarCRM, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, WordPress, to PrestaShop. The choices are in plenty and mostly from popular, well-respected sources. Moving on, Cloudways allows you to build the site atop accredited infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and VULTR. From there, you can pick any of multiple choice of server locations available which suit well your business needs. If within the 3-day trial period the services and experience are appealing, you can go ahead and choose the paid Cloudways Cloud Hosting Plans which we’ll review shortly. But first…