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InterServer was founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri in 1999. The web host initially started as a virtual hosting account reseller in Secaucus, New Jersey where its main data center is located. Over the years, the company has added one more center in California. It has also retained most of its top management and directorial staff with some still answering the phone and offering hands-on support. InterServer has maintained a low employee turnover which indicates the company’s strength and business ethics.

While VPS still forms a larger part of their business, this host has grown to a point where they now focus on the general web hosting services. The hosting provider specializes in Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting with VPS leading among these 3 hosting solutions. Colocation and managed servers are the recent additions to their services list.

The company prides itself as a “budget-friendly” hosting providers. Whether you need a host for Linux or Windows, you’ll find that all the plans are competitively priced. They use top-quality hardware to ensure optimal performance and uptime to its clients.

InterServer customers range from single owners to small and medium business.

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price

Reseller Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Accounts Scripting Database Guarantee Location Price
RS FIVE 240GB 2000GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 69.95
RS FOUR 200GB 1300GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 49.95
RS THREE 160GB 1000GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 39.95
RS TWO 100GB 700GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 29.95
RS ONE 80GB 500GB cPanel Unlimited - MySQL $ 19.95

VPS Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Cores RAM Core Speed CPU Backups Managed Location Price
Cloud 16 - Windows 480GB 32000GB Plesk 16 32GB - 16 Cores $ 160.00
Cloud 15 - Windows 450GB 30000GB Plesk 15 30GB - 15 Cores $ 150.00
Cloud 14 - Windows 420GB 28000GB Plesk 14 28GB - 14 Cores $ 140.00
Cloud 13 - Windows 390GB 26000GB Plesk 13 26GB - 13 Cores $ 130.00
Cloud 12 - Windows 360GB 24000GB Plesk 12 24GB - 12 Cores $ 120.00
Cloud 11 - Windows 330GB 22000GB Plesk 11 22GB - 11 Cores $ 110.00
Cloud 10 - Windows 300GB 20000GB cPanel 10 20GB - 10 Cores $ 100.00
Cloud 9 - Linux 270GB 18000GB Plesk 9 18GB - 9 Cores $ 90.00
Cloud 8 - Windows 240GB 16000GB Plesk 8 16GB - 8 Cores $ 80.00
Cloud 7 - Linux 210GB 14000GB Plesk 7 14GB - 7 Cores $ 70.00
Cloud 6 - Windows 180GB 12000GB Plesk 6 12GB - 6 Cores $ 60.00
Cloud 5 - Windows 150GB 10000GB Plesk 5 10GB - 5 Cores $ 50.00
Cloud 4 - Windows 120GB 8000GB Plesk 4 8GB - 4 cores $ 40.00
Cloud 3 - Windows 90GB 6000GB Plesk 3 3GB - 3 Cores $ 30.00
Cloud 2 - Windows 60GB 4000GB Plesk 3 4GB - 2 Cores $ 20.00
Cloud 1 - Windows 30GB 2000GB Plesk 1 2GB - 1 Core $ 10.00
Cloud 16 - Linux 480GB 16000GB cPanel 16 32GB - 16 Cores $ 96.00
Cloud 15 - Linux 450GB 15000GB cPanel 15 30GB - 15 Cores $ 90.00
Cloud 14 - Linux 420GB 14000GB cPanel 14 28GB - 14 Cores $ 84.00
Cloud 13 - Linux 390GB 13000GB cPanel 13 26GB - 13 Cores $ 78.00
Cloud 12 - Linux 360GB 12000GB cPanel 12 24GB - 12 Cores $ 72.00
Cloud 11 - Linux 330GB 11GB cPanel 11 22GB - 11 Cores $ 66.00
Cloud 10 - Linux 300GB 10000GB Plesk 10 20GB - 10 Cores $ 60.00
Cloud 9 - Linux 270GB 9000GB cPanel 9 18GB - 9 Cores $ 54.00
Cloud 8 - Linux 240GB 8000GB cPanel 8 16GB - 8 Cores $ 48.00
Cloud 7 - Linux 210GB 7000GB cPanel 7 14GB - 7 Cores $ 42.00
Cloud 6 - Linux 180GB 6000GB cPanel 6 12GB - 6 Cores $ 36.00
Cloud 5 - Linux 150GB 5000GB cPanel 5 10GB - 5 Cores $ 30.00
Cloud 4 - Linux 120GB 4000GB cPanel 4 8GB - 4 Cores $ 24.00
Cloud 3 - Linux 90GB 3000GB cPanel 3 6GB - 3 Cores $ 18.00
Cloud 2 - Linux 60GB 2000GB cPanel 2 4GB - 2 Cores $ 12.00
Cloud 1 - Linux 30GB 2000GB cPanel 1 2GB - 1 Core $ 6.00

Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
Dedicated 12 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 24 8GB 2.20GHz 4 2 x Xeon E5-2650v4 $ 640.00
Dedicated 11 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 12 8GB 2.00GHz 4 2 x Six Core E5-2620 $ 340.00
Dedicated 10 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 16 32GB 2.10GHz 4 2 x Xeon Silver 4110 $ 363.00
Dedictaed 9 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 24 256GB 2.70GHz 4 2 x Xeon E5-2697v2 $ 410.00
Dedicated 8 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 6 16GB 3.70GHz 4 Intel Core i7-8700K 8ª $ 220.00
Dedicated 7 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 6 8GB 2.00GHz 4 1 x Six Core E5-2620 $ 175.00
Dedicated 6 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 16GB 3.50GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 $ 160.00
Dedicated 5 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 16GB 3.40GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 $ 130.00
Dedicated 4 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.30GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 $ 85.00
Dedictaed 3 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.30GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 $ 80.00
Dedicated 2 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 4 8GB 3.20GHz 4 Intel Xeon E3-1230 $ 70.00
Dedicated 1 250GB 10000GB Admin panel,Plesk,cPanel 2 1GB - 4 Intel Dual Core Atom $ 50.00

InterServer Features

Performance and speed

Shopping for a hosting service provider requires due diligence especially when it comes to performance capabilities. Part of this involves looking into the host’s network reliability, and speed, i.e., read/write and website ping as well as loading speed. These variables are subject to various factors and will dictate how your site and apps get to perform.

InterServer is more than just your ordinary hosting firm. For the last 19 years, the company has been providing hosting services from Secaucus, New Jersey. The company has invested heavily in their network solutions and data centers for the best performance guarantee. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make this host formidable:

10Gbps Network

Data centers require maximum network throughput in order to keep up with the ever-changing bandwidth demands. For this reason, InterServer has invested in multiple 10Gbps network connections to each of their data centers. To avoid downtime due to equipment failure, InterServer uses only Cisco routing and switching equipment which is one of the best network hardware manufacturers.

The intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol provides fast and fail-safe equipped routing. Each server can reroute its traffic to the fastest and closest backbone provider thus achieving lightning fast speeds and low latency. The company relies on the best network providers in the market and has renowned peering participants like

Multiple Datacenters

InterServer relies on its data centers in Secaucus, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. The geographical placement allows the company to serve the east coast and west coast customers. Your data needs to be stored in a physically secure location and that’s why the company has invested in biometric entry into the buildings and access to the servers is restricted to technicians only. The power and cooling redundancy features reduce the chances of your site or service going offline due to related failures.

If you wish to adjust your plan, then it means somewhere in the data center some resource allocation will adjust. For this reason, InterServer has invested in customized, scalable data center space and locking cabinets. The servers support hot swapping thus eliminating the need to always power off an entire server just to upgrade one module.

99.9% Uptime guarantee

Having a reliable hosting service will ensure that your site is ever available to your visitors. InterServer promises to offer 100% power uptime in their data centers as well as a 99.9 network uptime guarantee. While this guarantee is, of course, subject to some terms and conditions, it is a promise to the customer that the company will always strive to keep their services in top notch conditions.

SSD Caching Servers

InterServer uses flash caching to store data on NAND chips in SSDs temporarily. The result of this is improved speeds for all data requests on the server. SSD caching servers are also cost-effective compared to top-tier SSD storage solutions.


Even some of the world’s largest web hosting brands have experienced data breaches. That may leave website owners unsure whether they can get hosts with stable security. Fortunately, online security does not necessarily favor the wealthiest or those with high traffic. Web hosting companies try to lock down every possible weakness in their infrastructure and client’s environments.

As hackers continue to constantly plague internet users and ISPs, InterServer has put security as their priority by developing a unique 5 prong malware and prevention system called InterShield. The five prongs are:

The company promises to offer strong security and lucky for them, they haven’t been able to deal with major threats. Let’s discuss the 5 prongs of the InterShield security system.

Web Application Firewall

Websites are constantly exposed to threats from SQL injections, cross-site scripts among various other threats. Particularly for shared hosting security, the two are the most common. Cross-site scripting mainly involves a hacker who executes scripts into a website or application. These forms of attacks further affect those who visit the site.

SQL injections are another form of code injection where an attacker uses SQL commands to affect the database integrity. The attacker targets the data entry fields with the aim to access website data among other confidential information. To counter these attacks, InterServer has Mod_Security enabled for Linux shared servers to add an extra layer of security.

File Scanner

Another possible way that malware attacks can spread over to your servers in through uploading malicious files. Files with viruses can pose disasters for a website. However, the layer of Intershield security is effective for malware from uploaded files. With all the web hosts scanners undergoing regular updates, you can rest assured that malware problem will be a problem for you.

Malware detection

Interserver hosting does its level best to protect their customers from malware by maintaining a large database full of malware scripts. The company keeps track of their signatures which makes it quick to stop malware as soon as it poses a threat. For this, it says that it has removed more than 150k pieces of malware that have been detected. This host also offers an intrusion system that keeps catching malware signatures and updates them into its database.

Email protection

This hosting provider offers a guarantee that all emails are always protected on their standard hosting. The company ensures you receive and deliver valid, non-spam and non-bulky emails only. This helps in finding the compromised accounts easily particularly for shared hosting. This prevents an IP address from getting blacklisted to ensure that other people on the shared server do not suffer from one customer.

Scanning of scripts

The need for scripts when running a website cannot be emphasized enough. However, there are certain scripts that can be malicious for your website. This web host performs constant scanning to ensure that the current scripts are clean and non-malicious. The added layer of protection helps eliminated bad scripts that may compromise your website.

Other securities features include:

DDoS Protection

InterServer offers DDOS protection to identify attacks destinations and apply appropriate filters. Other benefits you get for DDoS protection include reduced service disruptions, and business keeps running even when under attack.

Two-Factor Authentication

This is a great security feature that you get on the cPanel to secure your passwords. The security measure requires code authentication upon a login attempt. So, you will be prompted to input code by an authentic application. The primary benefit you get with this system is that the hacker would need the device used to set up your 2FA account to see the security code.

Hence, it makes it nearly impossible for the bad guys to hack your account if you have the 2-factor authentication activated. Simply go to the WHM cPanel and activate this feature.

SSL Certificates

A few years ago, when a website owner needed to use SSL certificates, they would need to perform different steps such as filling out many forms and manually copying the certificates manually into place. Fortunately, InterServer offers AutoSSL that does the tedious work all for you.

You can activate the SSL certificates using the cPanel to start using domain vaulted SSL certificate. Many customers like working on sites with SSL certificates because they ensure data protection through high level encryption. All certificates undergo automatic updates.

CloudFlare CDN

This is a popular commercial content delivery network that offers a DDoS defense. When empowered on a site, Cloudflare helps clean and quicken your navigation as all you need is steered through Cloudflare. The tool screens your site for any dangerous guests.

Also, if your site has visitors from all around the world, this CDN allows browsers from to connect to the server close to them. InterServer offers a free sign up for a CloudFlare account as long as you purchase a hosting package via the web host.

Weekly backups

Having a host that can offer regular data backups is crucial in case of hardware or software failure. Ransomware continues to cause millions of dollars damages by encrypting the entire OS. As a result, backups need to be simple to get and relatively cheap. InterServer hosting understands this and works with Swift, an advanced backup system that works with Acronis. Acronis is a renowned developer of cloud backup software. The backup system ensures that data is protected in a secure, efficient and flexible way.

InterServer says that all backups are stored in their NJ datacenter called TEB2 Secaucus. The company ensures easy restoration of data on a weekly basis. The pricing model offered for backups is easy to understand and straightforward, and there are no hidden fees.

You can get more ability to automate your backups as long as you have a control panel. InterServer offers Plesk and WHM control panels which can help you configure backups. You can schedule automatic backups using a control panel whether daily, weekly and monthly.

InterServer Control Panel

While there are a handful of custom control panel programs in the market, the chances are that you will not find one as intuitive as cPanel. For this reason, InterServer includes a cPanel account with every hosting account. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make cPanel the control panel of choice for InterServer:

Access to various web management applications

InterServer supports Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl. You can, therefore, use your cPanel account to manage multiple database options, add custom scripts, and control how a visitor interacts with your website. Of course, this option will grant you the ability to add custom web plug-ins to equip your site further.

Webmail Service

Your site needs proper communication channels between your team and your customers. This is where webmail comes in, the service allows you to create webmail addresses and set up the access credentials for various user accounts. cPanel’s webmail utilizes POP3, IMAP, and SMTP enabling you to configure the mail account on multiple devices.

Account Management

The chances are that along the way you will need to collaborate or hire someone to assist with the daily running of the website. In such a case you need to set custom security and access permissions. To make this process easy InterServer’s cPanel option allows you to manage accounts according to their access levels such as superusers, and guests.

File Manager

Easily organize your site’s files on the cPanel file manager. This tool will also come in handy when you want to export site backups for local storage using FTP.

Backup and restore

You can use the cPanel option to perform either partial or full backups. The partial option can be used to generate individual backups for the home directory, email forwarders, MySQL, etc. you can then use the email option to export the backup or click on download to save it on your computer.

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs is a time-based job scheduler. The tool comes in handy especially when it comes to dealing with repetitive tasks. You can use it to run particular scripts at a set time basis or even perform tasks such as backing up your data or publishing new articles. To avoid depleting your resource allocation, you can also set the tool to run the job during off-peak hours.

Customer Support

In case your website develops an issue, you can rely on hosting customer support. Though their customer service still has areas that needs improvement, their representatives are knowledgeable on unique website issues and offer hands-on support. Their helpdesk is regularly updated, and the ticket submission is fairly straightforward and easy to use.

This web host also offers 24/7 online support through email tickets, live chat, and phone. They have a quick response time as you generally need to wait for less than a minute to get a response from their reps. What’s more, their customer service is based in the US to make communications faster and timely.

All customers get the same level of support regardless of the plans they choose. InterServer offers free site migration to their servers for free.

The only drawback we found here is you get responses from different executives at the same time. For instance, you may talk to a representative about an issue in the morning and find another person answering the question later. A few customers feel that an issue should be solved by the same person unless other representatives are needed to intervene.


This hosting provider offers a helpful knowledgebase that contains enough content to help users find answers to common solutions. In case you need more clear answers to your issues, you can visit their community forums which offer better answers with many users participating in discussions regularly.

E-commerce Features

InterServer offers a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Better yet, they make the e-commerce functionality possible via its one-click add-ons and saftaculous. You get unlimited storage to allow you to link as many e-commerce platforms as possible.

Each shared hosting plan is designed with over 400 installable scripts. Among them is WordPress which is a powerful blogging option and one that can be turned into an online shop. This is because it can allow numerous plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

People who need to sell digital products, physical items or courses need to take advantage of scripts such as Magento, AbanteCart, and PrestaShop. What’s more, this host offers speed optimized servers to help your site load faster.

Another feature that makes this hosting provider a suitable e-commerce platform is the free unlimited SSL certificates. Each plan must have a free SSL certificated offered by Let’s Encrypt. In case you already have an SSL certificate or need higher level of encryption, you can transfer existing certificates or purchase Wildcard or a validated domain certificates offered by ALPHASSL.

InterServer ensures that e-commerce hosting can easily be used with any device without the need for installations. They also offer secure email accounts that are fully compatible with other providers for easy reach. In case you need website migration, you can easily get it with InterServer for free. This is a plus considering that most other hosts charge hefty prices for website migration.


Free Web Hosting Migrations

InterServer offers free migrations for cPanel to cPanel servers. Therefore, if you already have a site and its hosted on another host, you can just request for free shared hosting migration. If you previously didn’t have cPanel, InterServer can still copy the files in FTP to your new accounts. However, data that is not contained within FTP will not be included, e.g., mail, and MySQL.

Free InterServer Logos

interServer offers free logos with varying design aesthetics and size for you to choose from. These logos are like a mark of quality, anyone who visits your site can trust in its security and responsiveness just like InerServer promises to offer.

Free Website Builder

InterServer offers a free copy of SitePad. With over 300 professional themes to choose from the builder wide array of customizations will cater to your website’s design needs. You also get over 40 widgets to make your site more intuitive.

Multiple CMS support

InterServer’s plans support various content management systems. You can, therefore, develop your website using such tools without the compatibility concerns. Currently, InterServer supports WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Prestashop CMS.

Strengths and Weaknesses of InterServer

InterServer offers various hosting plans including a standard plan that offers unlimited storage, data transfers, and secure emails. New customers get a free SSL certificate as well as free migration assistance in case they are moving from another host. On the downside, they do not offer not offer a free domain when new users sign up. This section comprises of some of the benefits you get with InterServer as well as weaknesses you can expect.


Price lock guarantee

In 2015, the company announced a ‘Price Lock Guarantee,’ a program that protects InterServer customers against cost overruns and operational risks that are common injustices in the hosting space. As a result, the price a customer signs up for remains as the guaranteed lifetime locked in price. No exclusions and fine print whatsoever.

This gesture shows that the company is very transparent when it comes to pricing. This is a bold approach considering that most other hosts offer low signup rates only to charge high later on.

Pocket-friendly plans

With the Price-Lock Guarantee, you could probably expect that InterServer sets its price point high. Surprisingly, the host has to be the fastest shared host with such decent features. The shared plan is priced monthly, and you also get a 10% discount if you purchased annually. The managed WordPress Hosting also has the same 10% discount.

Free website migration

If you feel that the web host you use for your blog no longer meets your hosting needs, you can easily move to InterServer for free. This is a great feature that shows that this host is client-centered with most web host charging for the service. Their support team has experts who can migrate your site without experiencing downtime or losing any link juice for any number of times. The process takes a few minutes and won’t affect your website’s SEO or any other rankings.

Excellent customer support

One of the standout features of this web host is it offers 24/7 support service with quick response times to its customers. Also better, they do not offer levels of support regardless of the plan you are in. Everyone can access phone, live chat or email tickets. Their support offers clear answers for the most common questions. As with most hosts, the host provider uses emails for some issues that require detailed answers. Another perk of its customer representatives is they can help you migrate your server for free from your old host. You can contact their support anytime you need help.

Ease of use

Their account management portal is detailed and comprehensive yet easy for users to adjust their hosting services. The interface looks clean, easy to navigate and minimalist but still needs to improve on visuals. The service is what truly matters, and we have to appreciate how easy the host makes to manage your account and get answers to pressing issues.


No free Domain

We all expect a free domain name as a standard freebie. Other popular hosts and almost everyone gives a free domain. InterServer, on the other hand, offers a discounted price on dormains.

If you are a blogger who keeps the domain separate from the hosting provider, then a not getting a free domain might not be an issue. However, people without one might love to get a free one. This is an area that InterServer needs to revisit and probably start offering a free domain with annual of bi-annual plans.

Limited Set of Hosting Plans

This is probably the biggest downside of InterServer. For instance, you do not get choices for shared hosting with only a single plan to choose from. It means that even if you want to host a single domain, you’d still pay for shared hosting.

With that said, you have seen the good and bad side of InterServer. Should you need to pinpoint more perks and downsides of this hosting provider, feel free to do it in the feedback section and we shall be glad to discuss and add it to the list.

InterServer Frequently Asked Questions

When was InterServer founded?

InterServer hosting provider was founded in 1999. In 2006, they relocated to Secaucus, NJ, which is now their main data centre. The company has another data center in Los Angeles. In its 19 years in the website hosting industry, the host has gained a good reputation and has been reviewed on many sites winning multiple awards along the way. Interserver is more focused on business hosting and portrays a lot of dedication to quality, support, speed of servers.

Does offer e-commerce features?

Each shared plan package comes with 400 installable scripts that can be turned to online shops with numerous plugins such as WooCommerce. For those interested in selling digital or physical products, the host offers many e-commerce scripts including Magento, AbanteCart, PrestaShop and more. Bloggers with an eye for e-commerce will enjoy the better loading speeds.

Do you get a free domain name?

While most hosting services offer a domain name as a freebie to new users, InterServer is different. You get a domain name at a discounted price. The discount applies to all Top-Level Domains (TLDs).

Do they offer SSL certificates?

InterServer offers unlimited free SSL for all hosted domain for free. You just need to contact their support team to request their support team to activate AutoSSL on your server. This allows you to access each domain hosted on the server, as https. Activating the AutoSSL feature saves you the work to install any plugin or do the manual coding.

Does InterServer offer automatic backups?

Backup forms a crucial part of every website in case of the unexpected – hacks, ransomware attacks and more. With InterServer, you can rest assured that all your back up is safe and will be backed up automatically on their server every week. All data is stored in the data center in Secaucus, NJ in the USA.

If you need more control over your backup, you can use the cPanel to schedule automatic backups whether daily, weekly or monthly.

How is the customer support like?

One of the standout features you get with this web host is 24/7 support for all its customers. Better yet, there are no levels of customer support, and so you have access to their phone, live chat, and email tickets. The representatives are well-versed with most website issues and are always ready to help. They also have a knowledgebase that offers solutions to most common issues users experience on InterServer hosting. In case new users want to migrate to InterServer, their team of experts can offer free website migration from their old host.

Why does InterServer WordPress plan more expensive than its shared hosting plan?

When this question came up during our discussion with their team, their response was that WordPress requires additional security measures compared to shared hosting. These measures include mod security ruleset and daily virus scanners on all internal pages. WordPress users also get additional backups to restore their websites, and they can also blacklist unknown plugins that could be malicious.

Do they offer a control panel?

Yes, there are several control panels depending on the kind of hosting you use. Shared and Linux users can use the cPanel while Windows have Plesk. Users with VPS hosting can use Bread Basket proprietary panel.

What is Price Lock guarantee?

This is a guarantee that you don’t need to worry about price changes in the future. The company retains the price you signed up with as the guaranteed price for the time that you’ll be a customer - No annual rate increases.

What is InterServer uptime guarantee?

Their servers are built in the company’s headquarters in New Jersey. These servers run at 50% capacity allowing your site to grow and reduce issues with performance. Interserver offers a 100% uptime guarantee and 99.9% network uptime. The web host boasts full-automatic redundancy and n+1 upgrade policy for better performance.

Do they offer extra perks?

In case you need added benefits, you will be impressed with the awesome perks they have in store for you. You get an additional $100 worth of Google AdWords credits to help you market your site as well as 20% off template monster discount for all valid purchases you make.

Does InterServer offer a site builder?

InterServer offers a free website builder that builds professional web pages in a few minutes. Sitepad editor is designed to make website building an easy and fun activity. The editor offers over 300 themes giving you enough resources to cater for your website needs. With the one-click publisher feature, you can make additions and changes effortlessly. You also get over 40 widgets to ensure a hassle-free experience on the site. What’s more, you get full integration with all popular control panels including Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin to mention a few.