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Founded in 2004, Heart Internet is a versatile web hosting company that’s based in Nottingham, UK. It offers a wide array of hosting options including VPS, shared platforms, and dedicated hosting. Its founders, Jonathan Brealer and Tim, were formers employees of Webfusion - a huge UK-based privately-owned hosting company that was launched in 1998 and is legendary for reseller hosting services. hile features from one package to the other vary, Cloudways is consistent on delivering basics that work decently for every level user. In this section, we’ll discuss them in six primary categories.

Heart Internet is a subsidiary of Host Europe Group, which is a formation of hosting companies offering anything from shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, to latest cloud hosting technology. It offers its hosting services on Linux and Windows operating environments with an API available for resellers. It has been featured in several awarding ceremonies in the years between 2007 and 2011 before being acquired by Host Europe Group. It was honored mostly for its server speeds, reliability, and customer support with HostReview and TechRadar placing it among the best top ten UK-based web hosting companies.

Heart Internet’s datacenter is in Leed, a separate location from its official headquarters in Nottingham. The center enjoys 24/7 monitoring by people and risk assessment systems to avoid disasters from manmade or natural causes. Heart Internet promises 100% data redundancy in events of crisis by having mirrored offsite locations that preserve backups.

On our Heart Internet Review, we shall place focus on the hosting packages that it offers. Then we’ll explore its pricing, the features they offer, its pros and cons, and finalize by providing answers for its frequently asked questions. Let’s begin:

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price
BUSINESS PRO - - GBP Admin panel 3 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - MySQL £ 14.99
HOME PRO 100GB - GBP Admin panel 1 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - MySQL - £ 10.99
STARTER PRO 10GB 50GB GBP Admin panel 1 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - - £ 3.99

VPS Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Cores RAM Core Speed CPU Backups Managed Location Price
POWER SSD - Unmanaged 200GB - Admin panel 8 16GB - 8 vCPU £ 89.99
PRO SSD - Unmanaged 150GB - Admin panel 6 8GB - 6 vCPU £ 59.99
PREMIUM SSD - Unmanaged 100GB - Admin panel 4 6GB - 4 vCPU £ 39.99
PLUS SSD - Unmanaged 75GB - Admin panel 4 4GB - 4 vCPU £ 24.99
BASE PLUS SSD - Unmanaged 50GB - Admin panel 2 2GB - 2 vCPU £ 19.99
BASE SSD - Unmanaged 25GB - Admin panel 1 1GB - 1 vCPU £ 14.99
POWER HDD - Unmanaged 400GB - Admin panel 8 16GB - 8 vCPU £ 79.99
PRO HDD - Unmanaged 300GB - Admin panel 6 8GB - 6 vCPU £ 49.99
PREMIUM HDD - Unmanaged 200GB - Admin panel 4 6GB - 4 vCPU £ 29.99
PLUS HDD - Unmanaged 150GB - Admin panel 4 4GB - 4 vCPU £ 19.99
BASE PLUS HDD - Unmanaged 100GB - Admin panel 2 2GB - 2 vCPU £ 14.99
BASE HDD - Unmanaged 50GB - Admin panel 1 1GB - 1 vCPU £ 9.99
POWER - Managed 200GB - Admin panel 8 16GB - 8 vCPU £ 109.98
PRO - Managed 150GB - Admin panel 6 8GB - 6 vCPU £ 79.98
PREMIUM - Managed 100GB - Admin panel 4 6GB - 4 Cores £ 59.98
PLUS - Managed 75GB - Admin panel 4 14GB - 4 vCPU £ 44.98
BASE PLUS - Managed 50GB - Admin panel 2 2GB - 2 vCPU - £ 39.98

Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
HIGH POWER RANGE 4000GB 1000GB Plesk,cPanel 12 128GB 1.90GHz 1 Intel Xeon E5-2420 x 2 £ 129.00
POWER RANGE 2000GB 1000GB Plesk,cPanel 4 32GB 3.30GHz 1 Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 £ 69.00

Heart Internet Features

Heart Internet is one of the few hosting providers that is enthusiastic on keeping abreast with modern technological advances in the hosting industry. Most of the features it offers are up to date and relevant for contemporary business setups. On this section, we shall explore Heart Internet’s features influencing performance, security, speed, money-back guarantee, control, and customer support.

Performance and Speed

Heart Internet is keen on enhancing performance and speed on all levels of accounts whether you’re on a shared platform or dedicated setup. Most importantly, their infrastructure is flexible meaning it can handle large enterprises as well small businesses making an entry on the internet. Some of the factors that influence performance and speed on Heart Internet hosting platforms include:

Cloud technology

Heart Internet boasts a cluster of servers that combine resources to promote redundancy and uptime. Principally, the servers share the hosting load amongst themselves such that changes in traffic don’t affect performance of the web projects. This way, data exchange at entry and exit points on the internet remains flawless.

HTTP/2 as standard

HTTP/2 is an overhaul of traditional hypertext transfer protocol that had several flaws in its operation. This upgraded protocol patched the shortcomings of the traditional one increasing data transfer rates and overall security of systems relying on it.

Intel Xeon Processors

Intel Xeon is a latest series of which reliably work on servers and other fulltime operation systems. They support virtualization technologies as well as overclocking on demand. Practically, an Intel Xeon processor built to run 3GHz can overclock to 3.5GHz providing a boost in speed.

SSD storage

Solid state drives are upgrade alternatives to traditional SATA hard disks. They are capable of running at three times the speed of a hard disk without overheating, faulting, or corrupting data sectors. Heart Internet offers a choice of either a hard disk or a solid state drive on most of its hosting plans.

Data monitor

Inspection of server performance is automated and manually conducted at Heart Internet. They employ system and network administrators to regularly generate performance graphs that determine when to compensate customers.


With internet threats becoming more complex each passing day, a good hosting provider should be up-to-date with security measures. Now, Heart Internet is quite efficient on that front since it features both physical and virtual techniques to minimize threats. Some of these include:

Foolproof datacenter

Its datacenter in Leeds features technologies that prevent data loss in the event of a fire, power loss, and fire. The hardware sit on chambers with strict staff access to prevent breach by physical means.

Cisco architecture

Cisco is inarguably one of the best networking company with standard architecture for internet access. Heart Internet strictly uses Cisco devices which are optimized for internet security.

Backbone Providers

Network hitches are not so uncommon in the hosting industry. As such, Heart Internet employs backbone providers that take over during network failures or depletion of bandwidth from its vast reserves.

SSL certificates

Even the cheapest, basic plans on Heart Internet have free SSL certificates to encrypt data on the internet. Essentially, this technology adds an extra layer of security during data exchange to enhance privacy. It is helpful for websites involved in sale or registration services.

Managed Systems

Almost all Heart Internet’s servers are fully managed. They receive system updates, patches, and critical configurations from the system administrators. This means your hosting environment will be secure as long as you use safe third-party apps.

Control Panel

When it comes to control, you certainly want a hosting provider that allows you to manage your account in the best way possible. In addition to an inbuilt control panel, Heart Internet provides Plesk and cPanel too. The inbuilt control panel offers basic functions ranging from account configuration, network scaling, to app installations. As for Plesk and cPanel, these have control options with advanced features allowing management of every section of your web project.

With the control panels you can:

Manage billing

Whether you’re a reseller or a regular user, you can view your subscription status and upgrade or downgrade your billing plans.

File management

The panels provide a platform to add, edit, or delete files in your web project necessarily. You can create unlimited FTP accounts which allow you to transfer offsite files to live projects.

Email Management

The control panel helps in easy creation of email accounts and assess amount of storage used for each.

DNS configuration

If you feel the Heart Internet’s servers are not sufficient for your web projects, you can set custom ones through the control panel.

Customer Service

Heart Internet offers direct customer support services via three main channels namely live chat, 24-hour ticketing system, and telephone calls. They have forth a team of skilled professionals who understand the system inside out and are easy to approach. Sometimes you might have to be logged in your account to receive support responses.

Other complementing systems of support include documentation at the provider’s FAQ page and video tutorials on video streaming sites. Moreover, they have a strong presence on social media where you can enquire on a range of issues as you go about your business on the platform.

Money Back Guarantee

Refunds of money spent on purchasing hosting and other services is available but only when you’re compliant with their terms and conditions. You can cancel the hosting contract within 30 days for most accounts but there are limitations on VPS and Dedicated servers. Sometimes all you have to is wait for the expiration of the term that you’re subscribed to and the hosting contract will terminate.

But in case you have complaints or want compensation from possibly a downtime, you can begin the refund request process. Good thing is that Heart Internet is eager to find out why you want to opt out of their platform. Actually, this has improved their overall service delivery as most of their features are triggered by requests from customers.


Domain Services

Heart Internet allows you to search for a domain name that you can use for a website you host with them or elsewhere. Some of the domain extensions offered include .com, .uk, .net, .eu, .org.uk, etc. The domain names are automatically renewed as long the necessary fees are paid within a reasonable time.

Pros and Cons of Heart Internet


Unlimited Resources

Heart Internet platform is a great option when looking to host a website with numerous large-sized files. They offer unlimited space for even their cheapest plans which allows your projects to be visible on the internet limitlessly.

Long money-back guarantee period

With 30 days to try out a hosting provider the size of Heart Internet, it is easy to assess whether to renew or cancel your subscription to their services and products.

Profound support database

The company’s online documentation on features, products, and services is so vast. They have lots of topics covered comprehensively on almost all hosting subjects.

Multiple communication channel

Heart Internet has truly improved its support services lately. You can reach them via online live chat, submitting a ticket, or calling. Their response time is in under 30 minutes but for some issues, it can take up to a week to resolve.

Wide range of control options

With cPanel, Plesk, and an inbuilt control panel, you can easily manage what and who goes in and out of your account.

Versatile packages

Whether you want to host a small-sized website or run a demanding web project, this hosting provider has multiple packages to suit your needs.


Single domain limitation

Most Heart Internet’s web hosting plans have a limit to only a single website. Therefore, with even with so much web space to spare, you can only run a single website on your account. If you want to have multiple websites on the platform, you’ll have to settle for expensive plans for no much value.

Shared SSL certificates

Shared SSL provisions are not as effective as private ones which most hosting providers offer for free.

No free domains

You have to dish out a few pounds to register a decent domain which you’d get for free from other hosting providers.

Heart Internet Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still not sure whether Heart Internet is ideal for you, here are some questions people ask about the host.

Where is Heart Internet based?

Heart Internet is based in Nottingham in the UK with its datacenter in Leeds.

Which package should I get for a startup website?

In most cases, using the shared server package works excellently for new websites. However, if you’re hosting videos and other resource-intensive elements, VPS is a great option. It allows you to scale resources accordingly.

Is there a limit to number of sites for the reseller package?

Yes. Only 250 sites are permitted for every reseller account. If you wish to host more than 250 websites, you’ll be required to pay an extra charge on top of the monthly/annual price.

How reliable is Heart Internet for hosting?

Heart Internet promises 99.99% uptime to their clients. In case servers go offline for more than four hours, you’ll get a free day immediately after expiration of your hosting term.

Which hosting packages can I get at Heart Internet?

Heart Internet offers shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed & unmanaged VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting packages.

Are there free domains at Heart Internet?

No. But the company offers domain services spanning from registration, renewals, to sales.

What payment methods are available for Heart Internet?

Official payment methods for any service include use of credit/debit card and domain credits. They do not accept cash, postal orders, check, or standing orders.

Can I host a website when I’m from outside the UK?

Sure. Heart Internet accepts registration from people stationed anywhere in the world. The only requirement is clear understanding of English for fluid communication with them.

How long does an account setup take?

An account takes less than 24 hours to be ready to place hosting projects in it. Ensure you provide all information correctly to avoid further delays in the setup process. They charge setup fees which will vary with the package that you choose.

Can I call support service number while outside the UK?

Sure. As long your telephone service provider supports international calls, you can contact Heart Internet via a phone call from anywhere in the world.