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For web owners looking for low-cost shared or VPS hosting, DailyRazor could be what you are looking for. This company also offers web services such as domain registration, web design and ecommerce. If needed, DailyRazor renders online marketing, SEO, and graphics around the world. This web host strives to keep up with new technologies while getting professionals to get the job done. DailyRazor web host was founded in 2004 and has 2 datacenters in Houston and Dallas. One of the primary reasons why individuals prefer this platform is because of its datacenters’ incredible location.

This host has over 30,000 sites online mainly because their main goal is to ensure that every customer gets access to secure and reliable hosting. Apart from Windows and Linux hosting, they also provide other specialized hosting types including ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java/JSP and Ruby on Rails. With a high-quality customer support and an impressive service delivery, the host allows you to spend more time on your business without getting bogged down in website creation, graphic design and digital marketing.

This review includes the plans, features, pros & cons and FAQs.

Webhosting Plans

DailyRazor Hosting Features

Performance and speed

When it comes to shopping for a hosting firm, there are high chances that the upsells and geeky words will get thrown around way too often. If this happens, one is bound to end up making a misguided choice when it boils down to specific needs. The best way to go around the entire process without getting irked is by looking at the performance and speed features for each hosting firm and how well they fit your business’s specific needs.

DailyRazor recognizes the need to stay ahead of the competition in their shared and managed services. To make this possible the company has invested in multiple data centers that are well-interconnected thanks to multiple gigabit fiber optic connections. That’s not all, with over 50,000 active sites hosted on their platform DailyRazor has proof of their industry experience for the last 15 years and continue to guarantee reliable services and world-class data security. Here are some of the features that enhance the company’s performance and speed:

Fast Intel Quad Processor Servers

DailyRazor has data centers in Washington equipped with powerful servers. These run on the latest Intel Server processors which are more than capable of handling heavy loads. While DailyRazor does partake in co-hosting with a few other firms, all the servers are US-based to give priority to the broad market.

High Availability Architecture

To achieve a high degree of scalability as well as improved resource availability, DailyRazor has invested in a hosting management system design with the two objectives at its base. The result is instant resource allocation whenever needed, and a much smoother shared hosting experience across the entire platform regardless of the package.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

DailyRazor recognizes the need to provide reliable hosting service with the least downtime count. One of the steps that the company has taken to ensure that they are always on their level best is offering an uptime guarantee. The company is promising up to 99.9% uptime which is, of course, subject to terms and conditions especially when it comes to reclaiming for any downtime experienced.

1000Gbps Network Connection

Having a high-speed network connection serving your website will do you wonders. For this reason, DailyRazor uses 1000Gbps ports on all of their servers. This ensures that your visitors get instant loading service and a highly responsive site.

Constant Server Monitoring

Having a consistent server monitoring schedule ensures that technicians discover any performance issues or bugs firsthand before the problem begins to cause any real problems. DailyRazor also ensures that optimization scripts are used to keep the servers under optimal performance conditions. This reflects on your site’s loading speeds as well as the performance of other aspects such as MYSQL databases.

RAID 10 Ultra-Fast Hard Drives

DailyRazor relies on RAID 10 HDD storage option that’s not only redundant in terms of data corruption but also supports hot swapping which comes in handy when switching out faulty drives or expanding storage allocation to an individual server without having to shut it down.


You need a reliable web host but great security is what you should look for, particularly if you need users’ information like email addresses. Here are the security features you get with DailyRazor.

Sitelock Security

DailyRazor has partnered with Sitelock whose main role is to scan websites for malware and remove them. The tool works in parallel with SSL to contain any attacks or hacks. Sitelock is a reputable CDN provider in the world which means you get unmatched security. What’s more, your customers will trust you more with their personal details such as emails and phone numbers, thanks to Sitelock security badge. Worry less about malware injected codes and vulnerabilities on your WordPress site with this useful tool.

DDoS protection

Another impressive security feature that you get with DailyRazor is protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Essentially, a DDoS attack is an attempt to exhaust the resources that are available in a network to prevent genuine users form gaining access. Today, DDoS attacks come in many forms as cyber criminals try to do a combination of powerful attacks that are more difficult to detect. To prevent that, this host offers DDoS protection that keeps your applications as well as network security infrastructure safe.

Secure Socket Layers (SSLs)

Are you planning to sell items online through a store and wish to earn trust among customers? Having an SSL certificate on your site is recommended. You can purchase an SSL from DailyRazor to activate the padlock sign as well as secure connection between a web server and browser. You need this if you have an e-commerce shop since it keeps customers information secure. The tool also ensures that you do not collect customers’ payment data through third party payment system like PayPal. Google says that SSL certificates help to boost a site’s ranking in search engines.


Your web host provider must offer backup features to their web hosting packages. If you do not have a daily backup plan, all your site content is at risk of loss if anyone accidentally deletes them. Many web site owners have had to face this painful truth because at the end of the day, you start building your site from scratch which requires time, effort and money. It is the reason why experts recommend that you backup your data every day to stay safe.

Regarding DailyRazor backups, you need to check the plans and available services. The company performs daily and weekly backups for each site but you can schedule your own backups via the control panel. You’ll be impressed to learn that you can get the latest backups at no charge.

DailyRazor Control Panel

DailyRazor recognizes the need to include a control panel option with each hosting package. To allow specialization the company uses various third-party control panels such as the famous cPanel, WHM for VPS and Plesk. The programs come preinstalled and offer control capabilities over your entire account from designing a website to taking it online and managing its performance. These web hosting platforms provide some similar features across the whole platform. These include; DailyRazor recognizes the need to include a control panel option with each hosting package. To allow specialization the company uses various third-party control panels such as the famous cPanel, WHM for VPS and Plesk. The programs come preinstalled and offer control capabilities over your entire account from designing a website to taking it online and managing its performance. These web hosting platforms provide some similar features across the whole platform. These include:

Email Management

cPanel offers the latest email solutions such as either using RoundCube, SquirrelMail or Horde. You can then proceed to create email accounts which are not limited. Currently, DailyRazor supports POP3/ IMAP access so you can configure the email accounts on multiple devices. The option can also set up unlimited autoresponders, email forwarding, and SPAM filtering.

Access to Logs

DailyRazor supplies logs with detailed information regarding how your hosted website is performing. These come in handy when you have to debug your code or want to trace back to a specific event that could have triggered a specified reaction on your account.

1 Click Application installer

Along the way, you might realize that your site needs further functionality and the only way to add such is by adding third-party applications and custom scripts. cPanel offers a one-click application installer to get the job done in record time.

Resource Usage Statistics

Just like any other hosting Firm, DailyRazor offers various allocations of storage, bandwidth and computing power per each account. Its encouraged to keep a tight watch on these resources to avoid cases of over usage or just running out of resources which will definitely send your website offline.

Cron Jobs Manager

To avoid repetitive work such as daily cleanups and optimization scans you can use the cron jobs manager to set up and automate specific tasks that you would wish to be performed periodically on your site without having to activate them manually.

Customer support

In case you have any issues regarding this host, DailyRazor customer support is available on a 24/7 basis. The majority of the information you get online about DailyRazor is vague but you can learn about the company by calling their support. Their primary support is a hotline where you get answers to minor issues.

Email ticketing is also available on DailyRazor website where they typically respond to queries within a day. This company has an online live chat but this is mainly used for sales purposes. Therefore, you may have to use the phone or submit a ticket. You can also visit the company’s blog which is occasionally updated with news and helpful content. It’s also worth mentioning that in case you need transfers, this company offers backup support in case your site crashes at any point. Their support is only available in English.


A reliable host provides the most comprehensive knowledgebase for the users. That way, you can search for answers regarding the company and find answers to common issues you face while using their platform. DailyRazor is resourceful in this section which comes with categories, FAQs and video tutorials for some tasks. It is easy to navigate this section as the web host offers a bar where you just enter your query. In case you do not get help here, you can reach their hotline or submit a ticket online.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Nowadays you get the refund policy with most companies though the trial period may vary from company to company. Luckily, the company offers an impressive 100% satisfaction, 30-day refund policy to try out their services. Please note that the refund policy applies to all subscription fees minus the things that you can take with you like domains and SSL certificates. If you purchased plans less than a year, the company offers just 48 hours for a refund request.

Ecommerce features

DailyRazor is tailored specifically for ecommerce sites whether on Linux or windows servers. They offer several industry-related carts and platforms for small businesses. These platforms offer tools for managing and building your store without being an expert in coding. Some of the stores are free while the rest are affordable making it suitable for small businesses. Some of these carts include WooCommerce, ZenCart and Bigcommerce. These are open source and can be customized with themes and plugins.

You can also purchase an SSL certificate for your ecommerce site to ensure that customers’ information is secure. Regarding payment options, you can use all major credit cards or PayPal. What will attract your attention is the free $100 Google adWords coupon.


Free Drag and Drop Site Builder

With DailyRazor’s custom site builder, you no longer need to worry about technical programming skills; the program works just as expected and even includes hundreds of customizable templates to start with.

Unlimited Email Accounts

To support your site’s communication lines and to keep the conversation going DailyRazor is offering unlimited email accounts with each hosting package. These emails are however subject to fair usage policy.

Free Domain Name

DailyRazor offers a free domain name with each package reducing some of the costs associated with setting up a website.

$100 Google AdWords Coupon

The firm’s collaboration with Google will see you get $100 Google Adwords coupon on all business hosting plans.

Free Migration

After paying for your new DailyRazor hosting subscription, the company’s in-house team will offer free migration services and ensure that your site is up and running in no time.

Unlimited Bandwidth

To support continuous traffic growth, DailyRazor does not limit the bandwidth or visitor count on any of their packages.

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Over time your website will accumulate databases as you add more functionality. DailyRazor offers unlimited MYSQL Dbs with each hosting package. However, the feature is subject to the company’s fair usage policy.

Strengths and Weaknesses of DailyRazor Hosting


Just like with most web hosting providers, DailyRazor has its benefits and drawbacks. The good news is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s look at pros and cons of DailyRazor.


Keeping your site running is crucial if you need to succeed in online business. Daily Razor promises clients a 99.9% uptime for their websites thanks to their state-of-the-art servers centers located in Houston and Dallas Texas. These centers offer redundant UPS, backup generators, 24/7 monitoring and fire protection systems. This hosting provider also features fast Intel quad processor servers enough to handle heavy loads. This company also invests in the architecture to ensure improved resource availability particularly for shared hosting environment. Your site visitors will enjoy a speedy connection thanks to the 1000gbps ports across their platform.

DailyRazor technicians also ensures constant server monitoring to detect any performance issues and use optimization scripts to ensure optimal performance of the servers. In case you need to get rid of faulty drivers or expand storage allocation, you do not have to shut the whole server down, thanks to the raid 10 ultra-fast hard drives storage option. Enjoy fast speeds, and less downtimes with DailyRazor hosting.

Responsive support

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you need a hosting provider that can handle all your issues. After all, technology keeps changing by day and new issues may arise any time. As a result, you need a web host with a team that can solve serious issues at any time.

Customers offer mixed reviews regarding DailyRazor support with most saying that they offer instant support to issues anytime 24/7. As per our experience, their representatives are quite polite and respond to issues within minutes. This company offer multiple options for support such as phone, live chat and email ticketing. They seem to do great on live chat support where they respond within minutes. Alternatively, they provide phone support though this may take time to receive a response. In case you need to submit a ticket, you can reach their contact page and do so. This company offers a community forum where you can submit all your issues for user-based solutions.

Moreover, you can visit their knowledgebase which offers answers to most issues that most websites face. As with most hosting providers, this section offers a search bar where you enter your query. They provide helpful and easy to understand articles as well as video tutorials for certain tasks. Along with numerous documentations, a troubleshooting section and a news page, the platform looks pretty solid in terms of support.

It’s worth mentioning that this company offers backup support to help you with all transfers and provides backups in case your site crashes during transfer.

Price value

DailyRazor hosting is one of the most affordable you can find in the hosting space. First, they offer relatively cheap plans especially for a start and they make it really easy to get set up. Unlike most hosts, DailyRazor offers both Linux and Windows servers and keeps the price generally same regardless of the server type you select. What’s even more impressive is you’ll find some of their arguably higher priced plans compete with lower-priced plans from other host. Some of the standout features you can expect from this host is unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, multiple MySQL databases, and multiple MySQL server databases.

Linux users get a free domain but can host multiple domains. You also get access to a free site builder. Windows users get a free builder, and unlimited MS Access databases on all plans. Note that all plans come with a one-click installation, free migrations and consultations. All pricing indicated on the official site are per month. Customers who sign up for yearly plans pay less compared to monthly plans because the company offers discounts in the long run. Luckily, you can try out their trial account to avoid disappointments and money loss.

Security is top notch

When deciding which web host to go with, security is vital. That’s why DailyRazor ensures satisfactory security services to its clients. The company utilizes Intel quad processor servers which run on the latest and stable versions of MySQL and PHP. The servers undergo 24/7 monitoring and all data backed up in case of data loss. This company has partnered with Sitelock a renowned global CDN provider to prevent malware and other cyber-attacks. The host also offers DDoS protection to secure all applications and keep your network infrastructure safe. In case you need added security, you can purchase secure socket layer (SSL) to keep customers data safe. Other security features you get on the platform include a dedicated IP address, a dedicated application pool and ID protection.



For ecommerce sites, uptime is crucial, as downtime equates to lost revenue. There are mixed reactions as to whether DailyRazor meets their 99.9% uptime promise. The host promises to refund clients in case it does not meet the target. Unfortunately, some customers feel disappointed with the host.

DailyRazor FAQs

What does DailyRazor provide?

DailyRazor mainly specializes in shared hosting which is ideally for sites without much traffic. Also, the company provides VPS hosting which offers more power, and control over your server. For people who need to create a hosting business without owning servers or data centers, the web host offers reseller hosting. Along with SSLs, domain names and ID protection, selecting DailyRazor is pretty standard. One area that this host excels offering extra services including web design, ecommerce development, graphic design and social media marketing.

Does DailyRazor render Linux or Window hosting?

DailyRazors provides both Linux and Windows hosting. They also offer a variety of other hosting types including ASP.NET, Java/JSP, PHP/MySQL, ColdFusion and Ruby on Rails hosting.

Is it a secure platform?

DailyRazor features a secure infrastructure that undergoes 24/7 monitoring. Better yet, the platform undergoes daily backups for every sites incase users need them. DailyRazor also provides Sitelock security tool whose main role is to scan and remove malware from websites. You can purchase an SSL certificate for your site to keep customers details secure. Along with ID protection and DDoS protection, DailyRazor is a safe place to host your site on.

Do they limit space and data transfer?

DailyRazor gives unlimited bandwidth and disk space on hosting packages and Linux-based reseller plans. Windows reseller plans and VPS plans have space and bandwidth limit depending with the plan.

Do they charge for domain?

You get a free domain name although you have to buy their hosting package at least-one year in advance.

Does DailyRazor provide VPS hosting?

Yes, the company offers a variety of VPS options including impressive packages for those who need resource-intensive java hosting. DailyRazor makes it easy by providing a software and functionality you need to operate the VPS servers. This company not only offers self-managed VPS but also performs regular kernel upgrades, OS reinstalls, reboots and hardware management.

Do they offer services for non-technical customers?

Hosting plans feature a few tools to ease functionality such as Softaculous, which lets you chose from popular web applications with a single click. They also provide a site builder for all plans which lets you build a professional website from scratch with over 500 professional templates.

How is the company’s support?

There are mixed reviews concerning DailyRazor’s Customer support. Their support is available in English and their technical support is available 24/7. Customers can reach them via their hotline or submit a ticket on their website. You also access the live chat module but it is typically used by the sales team. The company features a blog which offers insightful posts for customers. You can solve any minor issues using comprehensive knowledgebase that is easy to navigate through and offers answers to common questions.

Can I host multiple domains for my account?

Yes, but not for all plans. This company provides plans that support unlimited sites, unlimited parked sub-domains and are reputable for being well-suited to hosting multiple sites.

What development languages does the platform support?

Well, this depends with the type of hosting you choose. The web host provider offers numerous choices such as PHP, Python, Pearl, Ruby on Rails, JBoss, Java, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and much more.

Do I pay for website transfer?

In case you need to transfer to DailyRazor from your old host, this firm offers comprehensive walk through to make your movement process easier. The best part is they offer free website transfer when needed.

Is DailyRazor suited for ecommerce websites?

Yes, you can rely on DailyRazor for all the basic needs of ecommerce. The web host provides various hosting plans that are tailored for ecommerce websites whether on Windows or Linux. What’s more, you get access to affordable industry standard shopping carts e.g. WooCommerce, BigCommerce and ZenCart. You also get easy installs such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. For more security of your ecommerce site, DailyRazor offers SSL certificates with easy one-click install.

What control panels does DailyRazor platform provide?

Once you complete the sign up process, you receive a control panel. VPS and Linux plans feature the WHM or cPanel version which is familiar to most web owners. The platform also offers Plesk which is equally popular. These control panels are mainly used to configure, edit and manage domain names, emails and databases. DailyRazor offers an easy to understand guide on how to set up the control panels.

Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, this company gives clients a chance to try out their services before any long-term commitment. Try any of their packages free for 30 days to decide whether to continue with their service or not. You need to contact them before the 30th day and they’ll refund you, no question asked. However, the 30-day money back guarantee applies to plans not less than a year. For monthly plans, this web host provides just 48 hours for requesting a refund. It’s worth noting that the refund applies to the subscription fees minus the domain name and any paid add-ons.

What payment options are offered?

DailyRazor aims to make it easy for customers to purchase their services through all major credit cards. Customers who prefer PayPal can also use it with DailyRazor.

Do they offer monthly contracts?

Yes, they offer a monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. Additionally, the company offers as long as 3 years long contracts for their packages.

Does DailyRazor offer any freebies?

Yes, on signing up with this hosting provider, you receive a free domain name which is invaluable for new web owners. Customers also get a free website builders that offers numerous free to use templates. As if that is not enough, you get $100 Google adWords credit to help you in marketing your ecommerce site.

What are DailyRazor alternatives?

All web hosts have strengths and weaknesses. DailyRazor is no different. In case you need to try other similar hosts to DailyRazor, you might want to try InMotion web host provider that offers exceptional support and is CNET certified service provider. Another alternative is JustHost which offers anytime money back guarantee. Lastly, you can try InterServer hosting which offers 24/7 support, email ticketing and a true live chat support.