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p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify; line-height: 21px;">Launched in 2007, Beyond Hosting is an Ohio based hosting provider that terms itself as a firm built and run by geeks for geeks. It was founded by Tyler Bishop, an Enterprise Infrastructure Architect and Justin Oeder, an OpenStack Network Architect. The two reside in Cincinnati where also Beyond Hosting’s one datacenter is located. The other datacenter is located in Amsterdam in Netherlands acting as a mirroring hub to serve the European traffic.

Unlike other hosting providers, Beyond Hosting focuses in managed hosting solutions with packages that mainly offer virtual private server hosting. The company primarily specializes in growing medium-scale or large online enterprises and businesses. With their 100% managed virtual servers, they offer what appears like a concierge-like service for business-oriented groups and individuals. As such, this web host is not preferable for a tiny hobby site but rather entities that have outgrown shared hosting platforms. It is also a perfect fit for anyone looking to have more control over their account and web space configuration. In short, if your web project has already attracted a significant following, Beyond Hosting is a company that you ought to consider.

In this Beyond Hosting review, we’ll explore its hosting packages plus pricing, analyze its features, then point out the pros and cons, and finalize by answering some of the frequently asked questions. But before that, here are several facts about the web host that are worth mentioning.

Webhosting Plans
Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
32G 210GB - WHM,cPanel 8 32GB - 1 8 vCPU $ 249.99
16G 150GB - WHM,cPanel 4 16GB - 1 4 vCPU $ 149.99
8G 125GB - WHM,cPanel 2 8GB - 1 2 vCPU - $ 99.99
2G 40GB - WHM,cPanel 1 2GB - 1 1 vCPU $ 49.99

Beyond Hosting Features

Despite specializing in dedicated and VPS hosting solutions, Beyond Hosting does a commendable job in respect to the features it offers to its customers. Here, we shall review these features categorizing them into respective classes such as Performance and Speed, Security, Control Panels, Customer Support, and Money-back Guarantee.

Performance and Speed

Beyond Hosting is one of the few hosting providers that only focuses on medium and large enterprises. As such, its infrastructure is designed to handle large traffic on a day to day operation. As of 2018, its average latency stands at 202ms which is way better than what competitors its size offer. As a matter of fact, on its website it compares its average speeds to bigger web hosts including HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost which it beats by double.

Other features influencing its fast server speeds and better performance include:

CloudFlare CDN

All the websites sitting on hybrid, virtual, and dedicated servers have an inbuilt CloudFlare Web Application Firewall. This addition is designed to monitor the interaction of your web projects with target audience. CloudFlare is also a content delivery network which helps in relaying data to its destination via the shortest path. Your websites therefore load faster across various regions which is an edge when looking to be credible to your visitors.

LiteSpeed and Apache

These two are debatably the best web servers on the internet. Beyond Hosting offers Apache as the default web server while LiteSpeed acts as a complementary web server whenever Apache misbehaves.

Cloud Hosting

Most websites on Beyond Hosting servers enjoy load balancing from a cluster of servers functioning together. As such, the company promises 100% uptime which is an excellent assurance for site that cannot afford to be offline.


If you want to monitor clicks to your website, you need a high speed analytics program that reports accurately and frequently. Beyond Hosting allows you to monitor traffic via Webalizer which generates periodic graphs and tables to collect performance statistics. You can also assess how much value your paid advertisements are adding to the popularity of your website.

Web Proxies

Traditionally, web proxies have been utilized in handling traffic on behalf of a server to increase reachability and reliability. Beyond Hosting supports web proxies on the ecommerce packages which depend on reachability to audience to grow.

Independent Units

From September 2018, Beyond Hosting phased shared hybrid servers and began migrating customers to managed virtual servers. Now, users enjoy independence of the virtual servers, which despite sharing physical server resources, can be scaled to optimize performance.


From its physical resources to its virtual infrastructure, Beyond Hosting has a decent number of measures and features that enhance security. Let’s explore some below:

Managed Servers

Albeit there are a few users who prefer unmanaged servers, by default Beyond Hosting offers to manage servers on your behalf. They patch vulnerabilities, apply server software updates, and take care of critical server configurations. These functions if improperly handled could open up loopholes through which unauthorized attackers would use to exploit.

Multiple datacenters

Beyond Hosting has a datacenter in Netherlands and Ohio. Backups are stored on both centers for ample redundancy and recovery in unforeseen disasters.

SSL Certificates

Beyond Hosting offers Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates which support a wide range of domains and subdomains. Standard SSL certificate can be integrated on even websites developed out of content management systems. Wildcard SSL certificate can be installed on multiple websites and their subdomains.

Expert Support

On its bare metal plans, Beyond Hosting employs Windows, Cisco, and RED hat Linux professionals configure servers. The team additionally monitors, optimize performance, and mitigates risks on servers.

Control Panel

Beyond Hosting offers cPanel and WHM as the default control panels. CPanel is a very popular due to its compatibility with various hosting platforms and ease of use. WHM, on the other hand, allows users looking to resell services to have an easier time managing their account. Both are capable of scaling server resources, backing up site data, managing websites hosted on the web space plus their files, giving access to root consoles, configuring domains, setting up firewall rules, and viewing collected site statistics.

If you have an unmanaged server, you can install Plesk, ZPanel, ISPConfig, Ajenti, and other control panels that you’re comfortable using. CPanel and WHM tend to be slightly costly although they’re inherently supported on Beyond Hosting’s servers. Only the basic version of cPanel is offered for free by this web host.

Customer Support

Beyond Hosting offers customer support both on its website and via other platforms such as social media. You can check availability status of various subdomains and hosting platforms from their system status page that updates automatically every few minutes. Other than that, the company offers customer service via live chat portal and on the ticket submission section.

In case all you want is to view recent developments or trending topics in the hosting industry, they have a company blog with lots of helpful information. Also, their social media presence is strong on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Sometimes on live chat, responses on technical questions take too long to be handled. As such, ticket submission is your sure channel for reliable resolving of issues. Responses through it take at most 10 minutes.

Money Back Guarantee

Beyond Hosting offers a 45-day money back guarantee on all its hosting plans. The good thing is that there are no commitments during the period. Therefore, they refund 100% of the amount spent subscribing to a plan. However, there are services where refunds do not apply. These include money spent purchasing domain names, software licenses, SSL certificates, and any other service that is not hosting related. Express refunds are only applicable when Beyond Hosting makes an error in billing a client. In other cases, your claim must be well-founded or have an account that fully complied with terms of service.


Softaculous Installer

This software is useful in installation of applications, themes, and other in-site modules. It supports batch installations and uninstallations with ability to set permissions for various applications.

Pros and Cons of Beyond Hosting

Like any other entity, Beyond Hosting has its own share of strengths and shortcomings. On this section, we outline them.


Focus on high-performing hosting type

Beyond Hosting offers VPS and Dedicated Server hosting which are very reliable for medium and large scale entities. Its infrastructure is capable of hosting sites with over 500,000 visits in a day.

Fair Rates

Specialization in few packages allows it to set prices that are fairly below rates those of other competitors. Again, you only pay for the resources that you need with the inbuilt scaling capability on every account.

Unlimited domains

You can host as many websites on your web space as the space allotted to you allows. Also considering the resources are completely dedicated, your web projects won’t be competing with those of other users. In other words, Beyond Hosting gives you complete control over your hosting environment.

Popular control panels

cPanel and WHM are popular control panels which you might have used in the past on another hosting provider. Inherently supporting the two allows both resellers and private users to benefit in terms of control.

Free migration

Planning to migrate from another web host to Beyond Hosting? The firm employs a team of experts to make the transfer process less painful as possible. Luckily, the service is completely free.

High bandwidth allocations

The bandwidth for even the cheapest plans is insanely high which means high performing and quick loading websites.

Free domain configuration

Although Beyond Hosting charges customers who are purchasing domains, they configure it on your website for free. Even if you bought the domain from another provider, they’ll still set it up for free on your website.

Great redundancy

With multiple datacenters and automated backup services, it’s almost impossible to lose data. For large corporations, they can customize the frequency of backups to ensure possible risks are non-catastrophic on their business.

Protection from DDOS threats

Beyond Hosting offers CloudFlare WAF which blocks suspicious traffic therefore averting possible DDOS attacks.


Lacks hosting packages for startups

Beyond Hosting is for users with a decent budget for web hosting. Their packages are slightly expensive for any non-monetary use or websites still on the startup phase.

No express guarantee on uptime

Although Beyond Hosting promises 100% uptime, there are no clear compensation assurances in case the servers don’t deliver accordingly.

Beyond Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beyond Hosting offer traditional shared hosting package?

Not anymore. Initially, they offered that kind of hosting on hybrid servers but have since 2018 phased out the service. Now, they only focus on virtual private server and dedicated server hosting.

Is Beyond Hosting’s Managed Virtual Server hosting worth consideration?

Yes, if you have the budget for it. Usually, a small, non-commercial website will work best on even shared server platforms which Beyond Hosting lacks. But if you want more control over your sites or web applications, the managed virtual server is a great consideration. It allows you to utilize the resources in operating environment at maximum. In short, the main gain is a high performing websites or application.

When can I use VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is ideal when your web project exhausts or outgrows shared resources which are common in traditional web hosting platforms. The virtual private servers have scalable resources in terms of storage size, memory, and even CPU cores. Ideally, you only pay for what adds value to your business.

Can I move my website from another web host to Beyond Hosting?

Sure. Beyond Hosting offers migration services for free. All you have to submit are login details, number of websites you want to move, and the package plan that you prefer to use once your files are on Beyond Hosting servers.

How fast is Beyond Hosting from other hosts?

Its latency as of 2018 stood at 202ms which is far better than the average which stands at 749ms. Again compared to its main competitors BlueHost and HostGator, which have latencies of 956ms and 505ms, it’s inarguably a superior web host.

How long is the money back guarantee at Beyond Hosting?

It lasts 45 days after subscribing to any Beyond Hosting’s plans.

What are great alternatives of Beyond Hosting?

HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost are great alternatives of Beyond Hosting owing to their diversity in packages, pricing, and features.