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Aspiration Hosting is based in the USA and specializes in cloud based hosting solutions, with an emphasis on Magento. This firm was founded by a “Magento Master” James Lee, who features on Having worked as a Magento forum moderator, he saw a high potential in the software. His host now offers PHP applications such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and much more. However, the history of the company is rather mysterious as there’s practically no information about its background or staff on its official website.

The company was founded in 2008 and has its main servers in Los Angeles. Although there are US-based, it currently serves users in over 30 countries around the world. The web hosting provider deploys LiteMage Cache on their servers and is among the fastest full-page cache for Magento in the industry.

Aspiration Hosting Plans

Aspiration hosting offers a broad range of products on their hosting platform. These have varying hardware allocation, pricing, and performance capabilities. Currently the firm provides services under: cloud hosting, cloud server, MagePlus Online and CMS Hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting represents the bulk of Aspiration hosting’s packages. This group comprises of affordably priced cloud tools each with its own unique features. The resource limits per plan also do vary. Having said that lets address some of the common features across the entire cloud framework. For starters each account gets unlimited bandwidth and web development support. These packages also get unlimited websites/domains.

Basic Plan

Aspiration Hosting is offering the basic plan for a limited price of $3.99forthe first month and a regular monthly subscription thereafter of $9.99. The package comprises of 5 GB cloud SSD storage capacity which is admittedly on the lower end. The firm has settled on allocating low resource limits to this package.

Plus Plan

This plan is currently retailing at $9.99 for the first month followed by a regular $24.99 for each consecutive month. The package features 24 Gb cloud SSD storage, and standard resource limits.

Pro Plan

With up to 65 Gb cloud SSD storage and high resource limits this plan is more than capable of handling your business’s IT needs. The package is retailing at $25.99 a month followed by a regular price of $64.99 a month.

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price
Cloud Pro 65GB - USD cPanel Unlimited PHP POP3 MySQL - - $ 25.99
Cloud Plus 25GB - USD cPanel Unlimited PHP POP3 MySQL $ 9.99
Cloud Basic 5GB - USD cPanel Unlimited PHP POP3 MySQL $ 3.99

Cloud Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel Cores RAM Core Speed CPU OS Backups SSH Managed Location Price
Cloud 12GB 180GB - cPanel 6 12GB - 6 Cores $ 349.00
Cloud 8GB 120GB - cPanel 4 8GB - 4 Cores $ 249.00
Cloud 4GB 60GB - cPanel 2 4GB - 2 Cores $ 149.00

Aspiration Hosting Features

Performance and Speed

Your online investment deserves attention to especially if you are in the market for a hosting service. While the numbers and stats might impress you, the real performance and speed difference is seen in the amount of infrastructural investment. This is both in terms of hosting hardware such as upscale servers and also software and operating system frameworks. After all these programs are the actual driving force for any hosting firm.

Aspiration hosting labels itself as a global cloud hosting force to reckon with. The company has data centers in USA, UK, Singapore and Sydney Australia. This huge coverage makes it possible to serve almost every region on the planet. The company has also invested heavily in networking to ensure that their service is ever online and fully optimized. Let’s take a look at some of its features:

Cloud SSD Storage

Aspiration hosting utilizes full speed SSD drives in all of their servers. SSD storage provides much faster transfer speeds compared to those of conventional HDDs. Solid state drives support RAID 10 configuration that permits hot swapping which ensures that the entire server isn’t affected by one faulty disk. This improved read and write speeds directly reflect on your site’s ping and load time.

Aspiration CDN

Aspiration Hosting is one of the very few companies that have invested in in-house content delivery networks. Their High-performance solution also known as Aspiration CDN is included free with most of their hosting services. This network is spread out across their existing data centers and firms that partner with them.  Aspiration CDN ensures that your site is readily available and that any request is handle by the most available server.

Multiple Data Center Locations

Geohosting enables one to target a specific geographical region by choosing where to host your site. Aspiration hosting operates data centers in: California, New York, London, Singapore, and Sydney. This huge section is more than enough to entice businesses that are seeking a global coverage. Each of these data centers is served by multiple fiber optic connections for fast data transmission.

LiteMage Cache

Having your site cached is important but having it cached on the world’s fastest Magento cache is more than just important. LiteMage is currently faster than Varnish and Nginx combined. This upper hand plays well in ensuring that your site retains a better score thanks to the instant loading capability. The caching process also ensures that during heavy traffic your site is able to comfortably handle every request without any lags.

Application Support

Aspiration Hosting operates an in-house team of web developers whose sole job is to respond to technical issues reported by customers. This approach ensures that any bugs discovered by the team get quick fixes which are deployed across the entire system. This also allows the in-house team to identify any rogue third party apps. The team also publishes simple DIY procedures on how to fix common issues on the knowledgebase.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Aspiration Hosting is willing to bet on its system’s ability to offer uninterrupted hosting. The company is offering a 99.9% network-wide uptime guarantee which is backed by a service level agreement (SLA).


Security is a key consideration before choosing the ideal web host for your website. Fortunately, Aspiration Hosting comes with cloud hosting which is stable and less vulnerable because the resources meant to run your site are spread across several servers.


This company uses Patchman as the Malware and Vulnerability detection system. This is intended for hackers who try to hack your server resources using DDoS attacks, web shells, spam runs etc. Patchman role is to detect and quarantine malware in form of malicious scripts. The best thing with the system is it removes malware regardless of PHP application that you use. This service is free for cloud web hosting plans but users of managed/dedicated system access it for $20/mo.

Aspiration CDN

This company also uses a CDN whose main purpose is to increase loading speeds by connecting your site to the closest server. On top of this, a CDN adds security as it can recognize patterns of malicious traffic and protect your site from malware. Aspiration hosting says that their servers undergo regular security updates to ensure top notch security. With every plan you purchase, you get a free Aspiration CDN, along with other security measures.

SSL certificates

For an ecommerce site, you need robust tools for security because anyone can access your store. One of the best security tools for a website is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.  Aspiration web host offers free Let’s Encrypt certificate and adds tools to make installation a breeze. An SSL certificate with proper features will keep your site from the global marketplace where the chances for a malware attack is high. Always go for quality when choosing SSL certificates as a cheap one can destroy business. Choose an SSL certificate that offers 24/7 support, Extended Validation Apart from offering security, having a certificate will provide a variety of payment gateways and Auto SSL renewal reminder. You can purchase a paid certificate from Aspiration hosting.


Apart from their technical experts, Aspiration hosting employs the Sucuri plugin which is used by some top web hosts. This tool scans your website files at fixed intervals to identify any types of malware. Better yet, it detects Spam injection, database connection issues, website errors and any code anomalies that require special attention.

In case the Sucuri plugin detects any malware on your website, this company notifies you so that you can clean up all infected files. This service is free of charge and you can perform the clean-up for unlimited pages. Sucuri also scans your site against multiple blacklisting attacks for malware, and phishing attempts.


In the hosting space, attacks are often spread via email and therefore you need a tool to scan your incoming emails before they reach you. SpamExperts is used to block any emails with viruses and put them in quarantine. Another advantage of this tool is it improves your emails delivery rate as most spam goes to the junk mailboxes.

Daily R1Soft backup

This company provides free data and MySQL databases on a daily basis. In case of an attack or problem with performance, it should be a simple matter to restore the site to an earlier stable version. The files are retained for about 7 days while the database backups may be retained for up to a month. You just need a cPanel then select R1 Soft Restore Backups. However, you will need to contact Aspiration hosting to have the databases restored for you.

Do you need a cPanel full back up? Use the cPanel and go to backups then download it to your local computer. When you need to restore it, just upload it to your hosting space and contact Aspiration support to restore it for you. This backup restores the entire cPanel back to the previous state. The backup includes all files, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, and much more.

Need to backup an application? This web host offers Installatron application installer along with Softaculous app installer in the cPanel. Both application installers help in restoration of files and databases. Installatron recently came up with a unique Automatic backup feature to configure automatic backups every day, week and month. It is always recommended that you store your backups in multiple forms for whenever you need them.

Aspiration Hosting Control Panel

For a while now, hosting companies have been adopting the use of third-party control panel tools instead of their own in-house solutions. This is mostly attributed to the fact that third party tools will always get faster updates because they are run and operated by a dedicated team. Aspiration hosting also relies on a third-party control panel tool; the infamous cPanel.

Here are some of the features that you can control though cPanel:

Database Management

The database tab on cPanel acts as centralized access to all of your databases. From here you can create and configure existing MySQL databases at ease.

Email Management

To bolster your communication paths with your customers you will need a dedicated email system. Aspiration hosting offers unlimited emails which are best configured through the cPanel Email option. You can setup email filters and even autoresponders.

Cron Jobs

Its highly recommended to automate some of the repetitive tasks on your website such as daily clean ups using the corn jobs tools which uses a time-based job scheduling system.

Domain Management

Aspiration hosting supports unlimited domains parked domains and sub domains. The domain management tab on cPanel offers a one stop shop for all your DNS needs.

Data Backup

You can manually perform backup using the cPanel backup tab or you can use it to configure automatic backups which are performed by the R1Soft backup tool. Alternatively, you can transfer the backups using FTP to a remote backup device.

Money back guarantee

Unlike most web host, Aspiration hosting shows a great level of dedication and integrity when it comes to their refunds. The company offers a solid money-back guarantee on all subscription fee. As is typical, this host does not refund the things that you take with you such as domain name (if you registered with this host). It is recommended that you go through the Terms of Service (ToS) to learn more.

Ecommerce features

Nowadays, people profit by selling goods and services around the globe using a single online shop. Magento even provides users with a chance to create multiple stores to earn more returns. What’s more, you get a ready-made shop which is a bonus for beginners. People who need to personalize the shop can use the open source programs such as WooCommerce and Magento. Well, these two are not equal because Magento with MagePlus comes with all open source capabilities while WooCommerce is just a plugin for WordPress platform.

The company gives an uptime guarantee of 99% which keeps your customers shopping at your site without hassle. After all, online shoppers are as impatient as offline ones. To help speed up your shop, the host also includes LiteMage for your Magento store. For WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, the host uses LiteSpeed.

This web host offers cloud hosting and dedicated cloud hosting. Most web owners prefer cloud because of scalability. That means you can easily add more resources without experiencing any downtime issues. Additionally, cloud servers use different server locations to ensure speed. They have servers in the US, UK, Singapore and in Sydney. You need to target your customers based on servers closer to them to boost loading speeds.

Regarding billing and cancellation, the customers on this platform can choose the payment method to use. The web host offers invoicing and payment on a monthly, yearly or every three years. You can use any major credit card or PayPal to make payments.

Customer Support

To top off the robust technology and features, Aspiration Hosting have won the trust of most customers through their exemplary customer service. The company promises to offer support at any hour, any day of the year. This company offers a “contact us” with specific departments such as technical support, web design, business and more. The good thing is you get timely responses. The most common way to reach them is submitting a ticket or through an online help desk. The web host provides a phone support as well. Clients with small plans can use the help desk or pay a fee per month to use the phone support.

You can also use the livechat module where you get faster responses. A unique feature with the livechat is you can even attach files like screen grabs which helps when you have issues with troubleshooting. Novices will be impressed by the emoticon chat options and you can share the transcript of the chat to your email.


Most issues clients face on Aspiration hosting platform have been addressed in the company’s knowledgebase section. The section is easy to navigate either by choosing the various categories you need or by searching details about the platform. The platform has a troubleshooter which helps you get the keywords to search for on the knowledgebase. Each query offers a comprehensive answer in the simplest language that nerds and professionals will relate to. The extensive knowledgebase includes well detailed articles, guides and FAQs. You also get several tutorials for complex task. In case you do not get help on this section, you can reach them via Phone, help desk, live chat or ticket.

It’s worth noting that Aspiration hosting offers free web development support on all cloud plans. This is a way to help web owners solve any issue they might face and offer help through in house developers offered by this company.

Aspiration Hosting Extras

Free Website Transfer

Aspiration hosting has an in-house team that’s fully dedicated to the task of migrating sites from your old host to their platform. This service is free and customers can request for it anytime.


Free Daily MySQL Backup

Aspiration hosting maintains a daily back up of your MySQL databases. These are stored for up to 30days ensuring that you can get the right backup to restore within those thirty days.

Free Daily R1Soft Server Backup

So as to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure Aspiration hosting relies on R1Soft server backup program to make automatic backups of your web files. These backups are available for up to 10 days.

Free SSH Access

SSH makes it possible to securely operate your hosted network services from any location.  Aspiration hosting adds free SSH access with every one of their hosing pans.

Free Magento Themes and Extensions

Magento is one of the most common eCommerce software in the market. Aspiration hosting is therefore offering this software on their Magento plus hosting. With this package you get to freely choose from thousands of Magento extensions and themes. It’s important to note that the code is customizable as you will have full access to the source code.

Free Bing AdWords

Aspiration hosting is partnering with Bing to give your new site a head start. The firm is current offering $100 Bing Ads credit for free. This promotion is restricted to US Australia and UK customers only.

Free LastPass Premium for one month

LastPass offers an easy and secure password management system thus making it possible to have a unique password with each site. Aspiration hosting is giving away a free 1month subscription to LastPass premium.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Aspiration Hosting

Luckily, aspiration hosting does not have too many drawbacks; the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.


Quality Customer service

Along with great features, aspiration hosting scores high on customer support. The customer support is unparalleled because you get help on a 24/7 basis. The main support options are help desk and email ticketing but phone support is offered as well.  They also provide a live chat where you get help on minor issues. The live chat offers easy communication because you can attach files like screen grabs or use emoticon chat options. The customer representatives are polite and will ensure all your issues are solved.

Before reaching the support, you may try using the knowledgebase which offers solutions to most issues. This section comes with video tutorials for specific tasks, guides and FAQs. New customers can get help with site transfers from an old host. Regarding any issues with website development, you can reach Aspiration hosting in-house web development teams to get help.

Reliable speed

Aspiration hosting is all about speed. To start with, the company provides a free proprietary Aspiration CDN whose main aim is to boost speed. The CDN spans over 50 cities across 6 continents and supports HTTPS and HTTP/2. Aspiration CDN claims to perform better than cloudflare when it comes to transfer of file between the host and visitors. Having faster page loading times is directly linked to better conversion rates and offers greatly enhanced user experience.

Aspiration hosting also uses LiteSpeed which is proven to work quicker than Apache and NGINX. LiteSpeed alongside Aspiration CDN will ensure your site loads lightning-fast.

Excellent Security

With cloud hosting, your site is stable because the resources of your website are spread across several servers.  This company has dedicated cloud servers in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore. This company offers unmatched security features such as Patchman which detects and fights malware. The impressive things is that the system works regardless of the PHP application that you use. The hosting provider has also partnered with sucuri whose main role is to identify and remove malware attacks. This plugin comes free and you can perform a scan to as many pages as you have. Aspiration Hosting offers a free SSL certificate to ensure security to users personal details and improve a websites ranking in search engines. You can also get paid SSL certificates with this host. All plans come with SpamExperts which helps prevent spam and increase email delivery rate. You can access all your daily backups manually via the cPanel.

Reputable host

It is crystal clear that this company keeps the interest of the customer in mind. You get a lot of features that increase the host’s quality. Aspiration hosting is quite generous in various respects such as free site migration and free apps and addons. Most customers are quite impressed that all the addons and features appear to have been carefully tailored to meet the needs of every user. As if that is not enough, this company also provides unmetered bandwidth in cloud hosting as well. Aspiration hosting even developed a powerful CDN which comes for free.


As mentioned earlier, most customers give this host a high rating because of its unmatched services. However, we found a few complains about downtime. It is important to try out this host for the first 30 days to avoid disappointments.

Aspiration Hosting FAQs

Here are commonly asked questions about Aspiration hosting. In case you have other questions, you can contact us and we’ll research it and give answers here.

Who founded Aspiration Hosting?

This company was founded by James Chen Lee, a former Magento forum moderator. The Magento expert has a background in IT, electronics and coding. Lee discovered the company in 2008, citing that the software was promising.

What are the primary services offered by Aspiration Hosting?

This company specializes in cloud-based hosting solutions with a special emphasis on Magento. Users can also get the various PHP applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and more.

Where are aspiration servers?

Aspiration hosting is based in Florida. They have serves in locations around the world such as California, New York, London, Singapore and Sydney.

Do they offer SSL certificates?

Yes, this company offers a free SSL certificate to new customers. You can also get paid certificates on all hosting plans.

Can I get automatic backups?

Yes, you can restore your site in case your database becomes corrupted or upgrades affect performance. This company offers 2 automatic ways for data backup. You can access the daily R1 Soft backup which is retained for not more than 10 days. For MySQL, the data is kept for up to a month. Users can also backup data manually using the cPanel.

Is it helping small businesses grow?

Well, if you have an ecommerce website particularly if it has been published somewhere, then you may try this web host. Aspiration ensures all the packages are tailored to taking your business to the next level while offering one of the speediest service on the market. They charge reasonably for Magento integration which helps keep loading times at minimum. You may not require Magento but CDN and LiteSpeed will ensure lightning-fast speeds regardless of the sort of site you run. Aspiration hosting is an ideal choice for growing businesses in every niche.

Is the platform secure?

Aspiration hosting is stable in terms of security because it runs on cloud servers which are less vulnerable. The company says that it has the latest security updates in place and have 24/7 monitoring to troubleshoot issues proactively. This web host uses Patchman, which an effective system to protect your site from malware. This host also offers SSL which keeps the clients data safe. The site has scanning software which detects any malicious script on your site.

Can I launch a new store with Aspiration Hosting?

Yes. Aspiration web host offers an easy process to launch a Mageplus in one day. you gain access to dozens of pre-designed themes which can help you achieve the look and feel you need for your store. You need to pay $1 and the host will install magento, configure it and install the themes you choose. You also get support for this process from start to finish.

Is it a suitable platform for small business owners?
Apart from helping you launch an online store, the host puts emphasis on speed. Some of the features for speed on the platform includes a free proprietary CDN, LiteSpeed Web Servers, Litemage cache, memcached and Litespeed cache. Site with high loading speeds are known to make more conversions.

Does the company offer uptime guarantee?

Yes. Aspiration Hosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for shared and VPS plans. The host offers not less than 50% minimum service credit for any downtime experienced.

Does Aspiration Hosting use a CDN?

Yes. Customers can use Aspiration hosting free CDN which comes with all hosting plans. The CDN is spread to over 50 cities to ensure ecommerce sites enjoy faster loading speeds and hence better conversion.

Do I get any unlimited features?

All cloud hosting and VPS plans offer unlimited bandwidth. However, you should be aware that excessive bandwidth usage could lead to extra charges.

Which payment options does it accept?

You can make payments at Aspiration using any major credit card or simply your PayPal account.



Does Aspiration Hosting offer a refund policy?

Yes. This company offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all its plans. As long as you cancel within the first month, you will receive a full refund of all subscription fees. As is usually the case in this industry, you do not get refunds for things that you can take with you such as domain name.

Can you order domain without getting hosting?

Yes. You can contact aspiration hosting for domain name registration.

Do I have to worry about any hidden fees?

This company does not indicate any hidden fees. Beware that the company reserves the right to change SSL certificates at any time without notifying the customer. Customers should be aware that promotional prices are invalid upon renewal.

Do they provide a site builder?
Aspiration does not offer any specific site-building tools beyond apps you get through Softaculous. However, it does offer free technical support on all kinds of new set-up issues.

How is Aspiration Hosting support like?

Aspiration hosting customer support has received numerous positive reviews for timely replies and fixing most issues. The company offer ticket-based helpdesk but you can also use the live chat for simple issues. They also provide phone support but this is only available for top-level plan subscribers. Customers who prefer to solve issues on their own can consult the knowledgebase which offers comprehensive answers and is easy to navigate. New customers can transfer to this company with the help of the support by creating a support ticket that offers the required information.

Which control panel does the company offer?

This company uses the common cPanel which is user friendly and many website owners are familiar with it. Users can also use WebHost Manager (WHM). The latter provides graphic icons grouped into menu which makes it easier for owners to work with their databases email accounts, FTP accounts, etc.

Which are Aspiration hosting best alternatives?

For WordPress hosting, Siteground and Bluehost are excellent. These perform regular software upgrades and offer ease of installation. You will be impressed to learn that these offer exemplary support and come with Magento-specific hosting plan for your store.