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Started in 1988, 1&1 is one of the oldest hosting providers in the world. With so many years under its belt, it is a company that you would expect to blow you away with its services, products, and features. While it might not be the best host overall, it is very competitive powering over 19 million websites. Did you also know that the firm that built 1&1 also owns mail.com? Well, yes that big provider of emailing services is their other company. The two are owned by United Internet, a corporation that has built its brand for over 30 years now. Interestingly, it is one of the few corporations that affords to place advertisements on a full page of a magazine almost on a daily basis. Surprised? Well, on this 1&1 review, we’ll evaluate whether their product line is as good as their name.

But before that, 1&1 has its main headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas a location where its primary US data center resides. Its other seven data centers are spread out in USA and Europe. In them, there are 70,000 servers with multiple redundant technology for 100% uptime in case of a system hitch. Besides, they have physical security measures applied including use of steel-reinforced walls and 24-hour camera surveillance. The idea is to prevent unauthorized access which ultimately protects the integrity of millions of domains residing in the centers. It is also admirable that the company includes emergency handling measures against power loss. They have emergency diesel generators as well as fully-air conditioned rooms which handle fire, water, and gas outbreaks to avert physical damage on the servers.

Webhosting Plans
Shared Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Currency Admin panel OS Websites Scripting Email-Transport Database SSH Databackups Free Domain 1-Click Installer Websites Builder Location Price
Expert 500GB Unlimited USD Plesk 50 ASP.NET,PHP - MySQL $ 14.00
Pro 250GB Unlimited USD Plesk 5 ASP.NET,PHP - MySQL $ 10.00
Business 100GB Unlimited USD Plesk 1 ASP.NET,PHP - MySQL $ 8.00
Expert 500GB Unlimited USD Admin panel 50 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - MySQL $ 14.00
Business 100GB Unlimited USD Admin panel 5 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - MySQL,PostgreSQL $ 8.00
Essential 10GB Unlimited USD Admin panel 1 Perl,Python,Ruby on Rails,PHP - MySQL $ 4.00

Cloud Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel Cores RAM Core Speed CPU OS Backups SSH Managed Location Price
Hosting XXL 160GB Unlimited cPanel 4 8GB - 4 vCores CPU $ 65.00
Hosting XL 120GB Unlimited cPanel 2 4GB - 2 vCores CPU $ 35.00
Hosting L 80GB Unlimited cPanel 2 2GB - 2 vCores CPU $ 25.00
Hosting M 50GB Unlimited cPanel 1 1GB - 1 vCore CPU $ 15.00

Dedicated Hosting
Plan Name Disk Space Bandwidth Admin panel OS Core RAM Core Speed IPs SSH Backups Managed CPU Guarantee Location Price
XL-64 1000GB Unlimited Admin panel 4 64GB 4.2GHz Unlimited Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 $ 170.00
XL-32 1000GB Unlimited Admin panel 4 32GB 4.2GHz Unlimited Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 $ 140.00
L-16 480GB Unlimited Admin panel 4 16GB 3.9GHz Unlimited Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 $ 90.00
A8i 240GB Unlimited Admin panel 8 8GB 2.6GHz Unlimited Intel Atom C2750 $ 75.00

1&1 Features

Performance and Speed

1&1 is very thorough when it comes to factors and features that affect performance and speed of their web servers plus websites they host. In their hosting infrastructure, they’ve implemented a number of measures which include:

Scalable resources

This feature is available on every package we’ve discussed above. Essentially, it involves manipulating server resources to a level that satisfies the needs of a business or a web project. To facilitate the decision, 1&1 provides performance monitoring software that assesses how the web server responds to traffic. Whenever the graph the software draws is green, the server is working normally. When it turns orange there are delayed requests as processes are being processed successively as opposed to parallel. In the worst cases, requests are dropped or fail and the monitor turns red. Orange and Red might indicate the need to migrate to any of the five subsequent processing levels in an individual package.


HTTP/2 is an upgrade of the traditional server communication protocol HTTP. By default, 1&1 uses this transfer protocol in its network to increase speed and boost engine ranking on Google for sites hosted on its servers. It works by compressing request headers and use multiplexing technology which in turn increase content transfer rates. It is a new feature that was added recently by the company for users of shared web hosting package.

PHP Memory Limit

PHP scripts are notorious for consuming memory especially when handling tasks such as uploading images or processing plugin functions. 1&1 imposes a 768MB limit on the memory allocated to websites using PHP language. As such, it eliminates hogging of memory and protects users of shared servers from the bad neighbor effect.

Use of GZIP

GZIP compresses data by up to 70% its original size. Of course, for a busy website this is a plus since your visitors will be able to load it faster than they would before compression. Sites hosted on servers using this technology are ranked higher on most search engines including Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

SSD storage

First of all, all sites hosted on 1&1 sit on the same storage as the web server. Secondly, data including databases are kept on storage hardware powered by a solid state drive. This has a direct but positive impact on the time the CPU takes to process tasks and web elements.

Content Delivery Network

CDN is available to specific plans but still a great feature that 1&1 uses to improve performance and speed. The first time a page is loaded, its static content is cached and distributed on 62 data centers that the company owns. This ensures visitors of your website get data from the closest server in their location.



All web projects hosted on shared web hosting infrastructure are mirrored on two separate data centers. In case of a system glitch in one data center, the other automatically takes over thereby preventing site downtime.

DDOS Protection

A Distributed Denial of Service attack involves flooding of requests to a web server until sites in it can no longer be accessed. 1&1 has an active firewall that detects such kind of attacks and places necessary counter measures to protect sites hosted on its servers.

SSL Wildcard Certificate

This free SSL provision was introduced in 2015 to ensure exchange of information on the internet happened via a secure tunnel. All URLs of 1&1 websites have HTTPs prepends which makes sniffing of plain text data impossible.

1&1 SiteLock

This feature enables scanning of websites hosted on 1&1 for malware and other vulnerabilities. It can scan up to 500 subpages on any site and on identifying threats apply necessary measures to prevent reinfection.

Web Space Recovery

This hosting provider keeps backups created in the last six days and provides recovery procedures in case of accidental losses or deletes.

Control Panel

Administrative and account management functions are offered mainly via Plesk ONYX web interface. You can use it to control the permissions of subaccounts in your operating environment, manage email accounts, install or configure apps, and creating backups. It is user friendly, provides documentation for technical features, and assists in management of multiple websites.

Importantly, you can use Plesk to browse 1&1 app center. Here, you can check out a plethora of useful plugins and themes for open source applications. The inbuilt installer ensures setting up of a new program is just a few clicks away.

Customer Support

In the event of reporting a problem, making an enquiry, or asking for assistance, 1&1 offers customer support at no cost. The only charge is from your mobile carrier or when requesting for dedicated customer support. In any case, it provides two primary communication channels which are phone calls and emails. Their support staff works 24/7 and will give a response almost immediately a solution is available.

Another interesting thing is that the firm provides lots of documentation for every feature they have for individual packages. Almost every package page comes with FAQs, guide materials, and clear explanation of what to expect. Additionally, they take care of system updates, patch vulnerabilities, and offer technical help for users of unmanaged servers. It is one of the few hosting providers that never neglects any level customer.

Money Back Guarantee

1&1 trial period lasts for 30 days within which you can make a claim for a full refund. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on an annual or monthly billing option, cancellation of the contract within the money back guarantee period qualifies you for a reimbursement.


Website Builder

1&1 offers a free site builder that you can use to create a website in simple steps. The builder comes with prebuilt templates with a variety of images, texts, and designs. Moreover, it picks a flexible layout that works across a wide range of displays.

NetObjects Fusion 2015

Included in the web hosting packages, NetObjects Fusion offers a comprehensive solution for creating and designing websites. It supports functions such as image processing, HTML editing & CSS, FTP access, as well connection to the databases.

1&1 Pros and Cons


Versatile Provider

Besides hosting, 1&1 offers many other web related solutions and services. For instance, the company has the largest domain registrars in US not to mention their free domains for every package you purchase. You can also run fully-unmanaged operating systems in their cloud and dedicated server setups without hosting public-facing elements. In short, it is a very competitive company and can get you started on the path of flourishing a new or already established business.

Decent Performance

1&1 offers so many performance-related features which ultimately boost operation speed of sites, applications, and systems hosted on its network infrastructure. They work with RailGun CDNs, use SSD for data storage, and run latest Intel Xeon and AMD processors. Again, in the last 12 months, the company claims to have heard a 99% uptime. This is easy to believe considering the number of positive customer reviews on their site and other sources.

Satisfactory Customer Support

Besides having multiple communication channels, 1&1 provides comprehensive documentation for all their new features, tools, and FAQS. You can easily solve a problem on your own which reduces the time taken to open tickets or costs in making calls.

No setup fee

Although the environments of new accounts are automatically set up at first launch, 1&1 charges no fee to carry out the function. In addition, a user gets a free interactive control panel to weed out or add features they want in their operating environment.

Multiple working environments

1&1 supports Linux and Windows as the two official operating systems. It gives users options allowing them to run applications and programs that are compatible with their choice of environment. In case your tech knowhow is limited, you can use their completely managed platform as this carries out administrative tasks at no cost.

Topnotch security

1&1 offers so many security measures to guard against losses and attacks. It boasts HTTP/2 protocol, has DDOS attack detectors at the infrastructure level, scans sites for malwares and exploitable loopholes, and updates software necessarily. On the client side, it provides SSL certificates for free ensuring your visitors are free from spying systems and hackers.

Affordable Packages

Most of 1&1’s packages are within budget considering the service or resources each allocates. Compared to their close competitors, their WordPress, Shared, and VPS hosting packages have fairer charges. Again, they provide various services for all levels of customers whether they’re on the startup phase or already established into reputable entities.


Lacks reseller hosting package

For whatever reason, 1&1 has no reseller plans which is discouraging for people looking to offer hosting on behalf of others.

Short money back guarantee

Well, the 30-day trial period is decent but not long enough to test all their services and features. Their monthly plans, which would be manageable while on the testing phase, are way too expensive than their annual alternatives.

Inflexible site builder

While using their free site builder, adding of custom code is impossible especially while using a template. This is limiting to web masters who find templates exciting but lacking in some aspects.

Stability of the servers is not 100% guaranteed

Although rare, you might still experience downtime especially while hosting your site on shared server.

Windows hosting is a bit expensive than its Linux counterpart

All the hosting plans for windows have an additional cost of operation as well as purchase. Also the app center does not provide many programs that work compatibly with the environment.

Limited PCI compliant packages

On their shared hosting package, it’s impossible to process credit cards which is limiting for online shops using it. Only VPS and dedicated servers have this function.

1&1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which packages are available at 1&1 for web hosting?

1&1 offers a plethora of web hosting packages but the most common is shared hosting and WordPress hosting. You can, however, use VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud machines to run web projects. They can range from websites, games, to scripts that you want to share with the public or a group of people.

Does 1&1 host sites for non US citizens?

Yes. It accepts creation of hosting accounts by people from various regions. If you wish to target a particular region, it is pleasing that 1&1 provides geo-redundancy and multiple CDNs. This way, you can have your website serving content quickly to the audience that you targeted.

Which is the cheapest package at 1&1?

The cheapest 1&1 package is shared web hosting and WP hosting. Depending on the hosting need, you’ll also find the plans of other packages being cheaper than what competitors like HostGator, BlueHost, and GoDaddy have.

Can I acquire a temporary cloud server for free at 1&1?

Technically, the cloud server is not given for free. But since the provider offers a one-month trial period, you can cancel the subscription if the period is enough to carry out the temporary function.

Can I transfer my own custom built website to 1&1 account?

Yes, it’s possible through your FTP accounts which you can create as many as 25 in the basic hosting plans. Nevertheless, you may ask for web migration assistance to ensure data is not corrupted or lost in the process. Be free to use their free site builder in case you need to create another website from scratch.

Can 1&1 give away my domain name if I delay to renew it at the year end?

Yes. It’s possible that they will after the grace period is over. Usually, they’ll send email notifications asking you to renew the domain name. Unless, you don’t comply in time, it’s unlikely they’ll give it away without further communication.

Can I purchase an extra SSL certificate or must I use 1&1’s Wildcard SSL?

Yes, you can. Wildcard SSL is only a basic protection with limited features once your brand grows. You can always install third party certificates if you’re unsure about the free one given by 1&1.

I want to buy a shared web hosting plan, how do I contact 1&1 for this?

1&1 is reachable through the help center where they have provided working phone numbers and emails.

How much storage is offered for an emailing server?

2GB is the storage space allocated for emailing servers per account. Check out other mail services offered by 1&1.

Can I transfer ownership of my account to another party on 1&1?

Yes. But it’s a thorough process that involves filling in an Account Change Request Form and waiting for several days or weeks before it’s processed. You may be asked for identification details and other necessary documents to ensure the transfer is legit.